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Winning T 20 trophy, the main ambassador of Sri Lanka in Bangladesh

| by Swadesh Roy 

( April 10, 2014, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) A huge crowd of Bangladesh supported Sri Lanka in the T 20 cricket final in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The weather of the day of the final match was not good for playing because before staring the final game, it rained though it was not heavily but it made people come to the stadium late. To see the less crowd, some people of Bangladesh, even the management thought that, crowd might be less. Someone thought that, the viewers of Bangladesh love more India- Pakistan cricket match. But 6 April 2014, the final cricket match of T 20 has proved that this concept is totally wrong; the people of Bangladesh also love the Sri Lanka and India match, even a huge number of Sri Lanka’s cricket fans are there in Bangladesh. Besides that, those who were the Bangladeshi supporters of Indian cricket also enjoyed and praised the bowling of Malinga and the batting of Sangakkara. It is a good sign for the cricket lovers of Bangladesh that they love good cricket. In the final match, Sri Lanka presented good cricket, and the people of Bangladesh enjoyed it. People enjoyed the batting of Virat Kohali, in the same way people also enjoyed the captain knocking bowling of Malinga. 

Sri Lanka is not very known country to Bangladeshi people like India and Pakistan. India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have a common history besides India is not only the close neighbor but also an easy communicating country for Bangladeshi people. Moreover, cultural relation with India is very close to Bangladesh. There are cultural commonness with Sri Lanka and Bangladesh but communication has made Sri Lanka a far away country. But in the sports sector of Sri Lanka is known to Bangladeshi people for a long time. Footballer Pakir Ali had played in Bangladesh for long time for a popular team. So he was like the family member of Bangladeshi football fans. Besides that, from a long time it has been seen that, besides Indian and Pakistani cricket, people love Sri Lankan cricket. After winning the world cup Sri Lanka drew the attention of the Bangladeshi cricket fans. 

This time Sri Lanka can think that the field of Bangladesh is a lucky ground for them on the other hand the cricket fans of Bangladesh will remember for a long time the fighting attitude of cricket of Sri Lanka. The cricket analyst of Bangladesh were writing from the very beginning that the Batting line –up of India is now well in the world but both bowling and Batting Sri Lanka is the more Balanced team. So if India loses the opportunity of winning the game of chasing the run, they will be defeated by Sri Lanka. Despite, on the day of final match India already lost the match in its last five over. So Sri Lanka’s match winning was not any accident or favor of fate, it was totally their achievement. 

However, the Baily Road in Dhaka city, the capital of Bangladesh is a posh area and an area of brand fast food corner. So it is an area of huge young crowd. When Sri Lanka won the final match, it was at night 10.45 in Bangladesh. After winning of Sri Lanka, hundreds of young boys and girls made procession in favor of Sri Lanka, they were chanting for celebrating the win of Sri Lanka. Those who heard the celebrating chanting, they might think that, Sri Lankan cricketer not only win the cricket trophy in the soil of Bangladesh they also now the real ambassador of Sri Lanka in Bangladesh.

Swadesh Roy, Executive Editor, the Daily Janakantha, Dhaka, Bangladesh he can be reach at swadeshroy@gmail.com

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