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An earnest appeal to Prime Minister (elect) Shree Narendra Damodardas Modi

| by Rajasingham Jayadevan

Dear Shree Narendra Modi

( May 19, 2014, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) When you are inundated with very many congratulatory messages from all corners of the world, I take this opportunity to extend my own utmost sincere best wishes on your outright historical victory in the Lokh Sabah elections. I feel humbled as I see your victory as like my own personal victory, as I was dreaming since I met you in London that you must become the Prime Minister one day to take forward the country in the right direction. I am happy that my dreams have been rewarded in an astonishing way and it is absolutely exhilarating. It is hard to find words to narrate my feelings.

US Ambassador to India Nancy Powell receives flowers presented to her by Narendra Modiin Gandhinagar, India, earlier this year. Mr. Modi is almost certain to become India's next prime minister.  Gujarat state government/AP/File

Your victory is victory for everyone who worked hard and supported you. I too am privileged to rejoice in that victory.

I feel the outgoing Congress led government has compromised Bharat in every spears. It was governance of the insensitive few so detached to the needs of changing India and the world. The Congress party rightfully faced the humiliation at the ballot boxes for their failures. The Congress led government wilfully neglected India’s rightful place in the world map and brought upon misery to the people of Bharat due to multitudes of failures.

I appeal to you to take a major step to refocus India’s foreign policy to be far reaching and an interactive one, as it is manifestly subdued due to inefficiencies and incompetence for very many years. Even the piddle little countries around are taking India to task. Due to India’s non assertive foreign policy, it remains insensitive and is being battered and bullied by its neighbours with overt influence of China. Pakistan needs to be put in the right place as it is stretching its wings and acting as an agent provocateur to undermine India’s relationship with other neighbours. I do not wish to be a pontificator, as you will be knowing more than what I read and hear about progressively about the non assertive Bharat in the world map.

I wish that you will stand by what you have firmly asserted during election, that: ‘Tamils living all over the world, including in Malayasia, Sri Lanka and Fiji, should be a priority of the Indian government to take care of their well being’ and promised to do so if a BJP-led Government assumed power after the elections.

Whilst aspirations and hope of all those who elected the BJP and its allies must be responded, I hope that you will reflect the very desire of Tamils living all over the world, primarily the Tamils in Sri Lanka, to be free from the never ending repressions.

It is time for India under your able leadership to review its foreign policy towards Sri Lanka. What is needed is a strong carrot and stick policy that should discipline the government of Sri Lanka to respond positively and proactively without flirting with unsavory hostile countries to escape from discharging its responsibilities.

The issue of Buddhism being the off spring of Hinduism and both Buddhist Sinhalese and the Hindu Tamils as brothers should find ways to settle their scores on their own must be put to the back burner. Timely proactive involvement of India is a must for the dithering government of Sri Lanka to go further than the 13th amendment to the constitution and give the Tamils an opportunity to decide their own future less of a separate state that is inimical to India. In this regard, a free and fair referendum should be held for the Tamils in Sri Lanka, and the Diaspora to decide on the clearly defined choices between the demarcated north and east of Sri Lanka becoming the 29th state of India or for them to remain part of Sri Lanka under a federal arrangement.

This must be exercised with the proactive engagement of India and I can visualize a better regional authority and status being established for India when Tamils opt to join the Indian federal structure. The idea of Tamils of Sri Lanka joining India as the 29th state has a broader support within the Tamil community. The politics must further away from the trivial Kachchaitivu issue to the much bigger federal arrangement with India.

It is no doubt that reaching a federal arrangement with India will help to address the decades old demands of the Tamils for empowerment and this will strengthen India’s regional authority in a far reaching way.

My initiative on this political direction was published ‘Narendra Modi Must Bring About Serious Foreign Policy Change’ datelined 6th April 2014 in many Sri Lankan web media.

I sincerely hope that you will give regard to this challenging commitment, as Tamils have much to gain from being part of India.

This can be the homage India could give the late Rajiv Gandhi, thousands of Jawans killed in the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) operations and many more thousands of innocent Tamil civilians died in the war including my innocent mother and brother who were killed by the IPKF.

As the founder of Eelapatheeswarar Aalayam (Shiva temple) in Wembley, we will be celebrating your victory on 26 May 2014 from 6.00pm to 9.00pm with yaga to invoke you the blessings for you to gain all the strengths to fulfill the aspirations of the people of Bharat and bring about the much needed freedom the Tamil people of Sri Lanka are yearning for that their brethrens are enjoying in Tamil Nadu. The daylong 108 sank(conch) Sangabhishegam for the Almighty Lord Shiva is the special Rudrahoman (haven) that will be dedicated to you on the auspicious Somapradosam in the special Vaikasi (Rishaba month) Shivarathri. Many distinguish and devotees will participate in the events.

Yours truly
Rajasingham Jayadevan

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