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An Open Letter to Sri Lanka Guardian Editor about Dirty Sethu

" Nadarajah Sethurupan is a dreadful man and is awful and a horribly. I invite Sethurupan to file legal action against me for quoting him in my write ups."

| by Rajasingham Jayadevan

Dear Editor

( May 3, 2014, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Thank you for contacting me regarding the campaign of harassment by the Norway based Nadarajah Sethurupan alias Dirty Sethu following publication of my write up: ‘Tamils Must Stand Firm Against Hate Campaigners’ datelined April 27,2014.

I am writing this letter with over-whelming feeling and with considerable restraint. Living in Britain for many years has taught me many hard lessons in life to be determined and also to be compassionate and to forgive and forget to go forward.

I stand by every word I wrote about Nadarajah Sethrupan in my write up, as I feel repeat of his horrible campaign by anyone in the future must be nipped in the bud. Scorching conduct like that of Dirty Sethu must be remembered and lessons learnt to enhance the much needed democracy and freedom the Tamil community needs to fearlessly express their views.

I am very keen to see legal case being filed against me in the United Kingdom by Sethurupan where I am domiciled and faced his wrath following return from my incarceration by the LTTE in Vanni for 62 days in 2005. I am also openly inviting him to extend his campaign to complain to the police over my write ups as he is doing for the others. I am aware of his dastardly conduct to harass the Sri Lanka Guardian on many occasions and making Prof Ratnajeevan Hoole’s life miserable for quoting him in his write up.

I and my innocent family members were determinedly humiliated by Nadarajah Sethurupan when the LTTE was in the mainstream. He even went to the extent of physical violence and intimidation against the democratic voices questioning the failures of the LTTE. His conduct was arbitrary and was intoxicated with the power that he gained when he managed the LTTE’s Nitharsanam website that empowered him to unjustly interfere and injure persons in a derogatory manner.

I can write pages and pages of his degrading behaviour, bastardising me and my innocent family members for him to get the sadistic satisfaction from the pain and hurt caused to us.

I always recall the personal advice of Late Derek Fatchett, the Labour Foreign Minister for South Asia when he was the shadow minister on ‘forgiving and forgetting’ over the brutal death of my mother and brother. His innermost advise and my progressing maturity at this declining age gives me the foresight to consider issues in a mature way. I was very angry with India for killing my innocent mother and brother during the Indian peace keeping operations. But have forgiven India long time ago, but am sad India has not mitigated its conscience on Tamils in a open manner to adopt a pro active policy on Sri Lanka to empower the Tamils as stakeholders to manage their affairs with a degree of respectable political resolution.

Nadarajah Sethurupan is a dreadful man and is awful and a horribly. I invite Sethurupan to file legal action against me for quoting him in my write ups. This offer is there in the public domain and reproduce what I openly advocated in the media in 2006:

‘I stand by what I have said in my "Open Letter." Sethurupan is at liberty to file legal action against me over the letter which has been forwarded to many others.

‘I will substantiate with written evidence of his involvement with Nitharsanam.com and Neruppu.org and provide witnesses to confirm his involvement. There were so many other letters published by victims of Sethurupan and news items too appeared in many other media about his campaign. I am pleased that he now understands seriousness of his damaging campaign following my letter.’

I am resident in the UK. Legal action brought against me in this country where there will give meaningful justice proceeding from the past judgement against Dirty Sethu for physical violence against an independent Tamil radio station in London. I have in my possession his intimidating correspondences, copies of the publications and many witness accounts to evidence his conduct.

Sethurupan is determinedly attempting to portray a different image of him since the defeat of the LTTE in 1999 and in that, he is attempting to depict that he was not associated with the LTTE in any way. His clandestine way of conducting his present campaign, his ability to circumvent evidences by erasing the adverse historical records about him from the websites and publishing anti-LTTE write-ups are his current methodologies to market him a humble man. Beneath this remains his dastardly aggression that the Sri Lanka Guardian is experiencing repeatedly and the learned Prof Ratnajeevan Hoole encountered for quoting him.

If issues relating my write ups are taken up with the Sri Lanka Guardian legally or personally, please request them to contact me directly. Having associated with Sri Lanka Guardian for many years, I will personally deal with any issues brought against me and the SLG by Nadarajah Sethurupan alias Dirty Sethu.

It is price worth paying to end the rudimentary and irresponsible culture of degrading behaviour of some in the diaspora Tamil community.

Thanking you for publishing.

R Jayadevan

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