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Escalating the Sri Lankan issue

| by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

( May 28, 2014, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) Many refer to the LTTE as terrorists. It is a verdict delivered by a Government that subsequently included members of the LTTE as part of itself. Terrorism is in the eyes of the beholder. I am also listed as a criminal in the public ledgers of the Australian State of New South Wales whose Premier resigned from his position as a result of a Corruption inquiry. Such outcomes confirm to believers in a system - the workings of Natural Justice within that system. In terms of the Sri Lankan Government, the Terrorism label is for operational as well as political reasons. To the extent they are for operational reasons – they are positive even if we disagree. They helped escalate the issue to global level. The political component does not have that power because in governance politicians are the mothers of a government. Once mothers become visible – beyond their immediate physical circle – they lose their binding power.

Hence for those of us who are not part of a Government such name calling needs to be based on our own Truth and/or needs of our official positions, if we are to benefit from the opportunities arising from True experience of those before us. Those who blindly follow the labels given by their seniors in high positions – but without faith in those persons – would acquire the forces that contributed to such declarations. When such verdicts cause death – the risk of infection of negative forces is high for those who lack faith. Those who believe are insiders. Others need ‘evidence’ of wrong doing before finding fault.

Yesterday, I received an invitation to participate in a Q&A session being organized by the Consortium of Tamil Associations NSW. The Guest Panelists include the Hon Philip Ruddock, who is the most interactive Australian politician known to me. The subject matter centers around the UNHRC Resolution & Australia’s relationship with the Sri Lankan Government. I seek to attend because I know how it feels to be labeled a criminal by an authority that lacks credibility. The work to organize this confirms that to the Australian Government which did not cosponsor the UNHRC Resolution – the LTTE are not terrorists. This in turn would help Tamils preserve with confidence their contributions to develop and maintain their distinct identity including through the lives of LTTE members who believed that they were fighting to protect that independent identity. No human power is greater than belief.

Using LTTE leader - Karuna – to defeat the LTTE confirms low level of ethics in war used by the Sri Lankan Government. This is enough to confirm weaknesses to ‘insiders’. Such ‘conversion’ is the parallel of plagiarism in academic work and is as wrong as religious conversions through temptations of material benefits. . Given that the LTTE is an unofficial formation – as far as the official system goes – the title of ‘former’ applies only when LTTE itself is ‘former’. So long as LTTE is current – so is Karuna and all other LTTE leaders. Whether this is acknowledged by the official system or not – the Energies work that way. Mothers cannot become fathers and v.v. merely through outer physical changes. A man could be a mother due to this invisible Energy / Shakthi.

Once our work – be it positive or negative – gets to Energy level – we don’t need to consciously direct it. It works automatically. This I believe is why Hindus call the mother / wife Shakthi/Energy. A mother is the invisible force that binds or separates a family. Every person who experiences more pain than pleasure – is a mother of the outcome. That is the law of Nature.

Be it the Sinhala side or the Tamil side in relation to Sri Lanka, the Energy of the group is accumulated through contributions by individuals. The identity is maintained and strengthened through fathers who work to ‘show’ status. The deeper the bonding through Mother Energy - the higher the level to which the status of the whole issue rises – as happened in the case of LTTE. Once we develop the value of our contribution to Energy level – we share that with all groups we feel a part of. That is global value. LTTE and the Lankan Government are mere temporary media for most of us towards developing this Energy – for Bonding or for Separation. Low level investors would tend to ‘possess’ the respective groups and this naturally keeps the issue at the lower level. When such is falsely elevated – as in getting certificates without having earned them – the binding Natural Energy is buried by artificial methods - to eventually become an insignificant part of the world when the leftover is surfaced.

Where the binding Energy is consolidated in the consciousness of the whole – the issue earns high status that would be sustained beyond one generation and/or beyond local environments.

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