UN Investigating Itself

| by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

( May 26, 2014, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) Gandhi said in South Africa – ‘there is room for us all’. To me – the time and place where belief is expressed is sacred. We celebrate anniversaries in confirmation of the sanctity of the time of birth of a person or outcome. Buddhism even though born in India is also very much Sri Lankan due to those who realized higher values through Buddhism in the land-space called Sri Lanka. Likewise, when Gandhi said with belief in South Africa that there was room for all – that place became sacred for Independence through multiculturalism.

To my mind, the Energy of Independence to which Gandhi contributed in South Africa – is my common link with Ms Navaneetham Pillay – much more than her position in the UN structure. Position powers above the level of the position held by the most Truthful person in that organization – are largely towards maintenance of form – to the extent the occupants do their duty. The rest is welfare – even at the top.

Here in Australia Mr. Nick Greiner as Premier was part of the Energy that gave birth to the ICAC – Independent Commission Against Corruption. Mr. Greiner himself stepped down from the top job confirming that that top position was a welfare position. This was reconfirmed recently when Mr. Barry O’Farrell resigned from that position of Premier. Others in future may through their own strong contributions – give democratic life to that position – so it would support the People more than being supported by the People. Otherwise we would need to get rid of ICAC so that we do not keep exposing our weaknesses to wider world. I contributed my own Energies to the core purpose for which the ICAC exists. This helps me appreciate that that organization is larger than the parent who gave birth to its physical form. Likewise Independence / Sovereignty. They are by their very nature – beyond the reach of single individuals or groups. They are like the ancestors whose Energy we invoke but whose existence is beyond our comprehension.

To the extent we contribute to ‘independence’ – not for status but because something within us rejects dependence and makes us feel good when we are independent – we carry that independence value with us beyond time and place boundaries. Our contribution to Independence in family is taken to our workplace and/or social life and v.v. Relationships help us develop this sense of independence within ourselves. Once we feel this, we merge naturally with the other person and this is Love. Truth is another word for Love. Truth gives the picture of balance and therefore fulfilment. Love is the sharing of that fulfilment – with various parts and/or the whole itself.

The UN inquiry into war-crimes by Sri Lankans – including Tamils – needs to give birth to Truth in Sri Lanka, so we would Love more. According to the latest report by Sri Lanka Guardian ‘the moment the announcement of Investigation Committee by Navi Pillai starts, co-operation and support from America, Canada, Britain and other European countries are expected.’

These other countries have voted for the UN to conduct the inquiry. The Resolution submitted (not yet approved) in the House of Representatives, USA - on 19 May 2014 is confirmation that individual countries may step into the UN position as if they are conducting the inquiry. The issue here is the sovereign rights of a human being to be treated as a human being rather than an animal. The true outcome of real value from this inquiry will be the manifestation of the combined natural forces that the participants are able to draw on and contribute as a group. Just yesterday, a migrant who is recovering from depression due also to workplace weaknesses - said to me that her former boss had asked her to be in charge of a research project for which he was seeking some funds. The migrant academic said that the project did not take off but that the fact that her former boss asked her made her feel good. Where the value is subjective it usually contributes to program. Likewise when it is globally objective and stands on its own merit – it helps bring about closure and independence from the past without losing real value contributed by a person/country/any part that forms the whole picture.

The UN inquiry would be a combination of both. In terms of the Sri Lankan Government, it is more likely to be ‘program’ based value. UN would then repair its damaged part so the UN could function more effectively. In terms of the LTTE it needs to be complete with 360 degree input and the picture needs to stand independent of any contributor to the picture. It is merely for lessons learnt and not for any credits and debits. Each Tamil must be able to read the total picture for their own individual/group purposes. Hence other countries should not become spokespersons for Tamils. The UN needs to facilitate Tamils by surfacing the total contribution of Tamils to protect their investment in the Global value of Independence which has been damaged by the war.

Sri Lanka is larger than the President and the Government. Likewise Tamil Community is much larger than the LTTE and the TNA (Tamil National Alliance). A UN inquiry needs to ensure that it does not damage other parts of the whole when surfacing evidence and delivering its report. It’s not only the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE that are being investigated here. It’s also the earned level of the UN’s high status to judge others.

Like with the position of Premier - New South Wales, the UNHRC may get exposed of its own weaknesses through this inquiry. The Sri Lankan Government is part of the UN body. Hence, the UN is actually investigating a part of itself through this Resolution. True Sri Lankans need to add their Truth so that our contribution to Independence is shown through Sri Lanka as well. Likewise True Tamils. In all these groupings – the extensions – such as Sri Lankan, Tamil, UN are to confirm the place where Independence was born. But Independence itself is not restricted to any place and/or time.