Why is Glenn Greenwald Protecting the CIA?

| by Thomas C. Mountain

( May 22, 2014, Eritrea, Sri Lanka Guardian) Why is Glenn Greenwald protecting the CIA? Edward Snowden made him the primary custodian for the tens of thousands of secret files Snowden downloaded from the NSA database yet only a small fraction of the files have been made public in the past year.

The reason? So Glenn Greenwald can make sure that no one in the US intel community would be compromised?

Every day across the planet the CIA instigates the arrest, torture and murder of people whose only wrongdoing is opposing the crimes being committed by those in league with Pax Americana. Arms trafficking, drug trafficking, human trafficking, all of the most evil activities on this planet are being instigated and directed by the CIA. So why is Glenn Greenwald protecting these bastards?

If we, the people, can find out who the CIA agents are in our midst we can expell them from our communities and nations and destroy the criminal conspiracies they have spawned. And Glenn Greenwald has the information that can help us do this, to protect ourselves and the societies we live in.

Think about it. Dont we, the people of the world, have the right to know who these devils in our midst are? Isnt this a matter of life and death for many, many thousands of us? Couldnt disclosing this information help prevent not just murder and mayhem but massive disruption and even the overthrow of popular governments? Dont the people of Venezuela, for example, have the right to know of the CIA agents in their midst and who is on the devils payroll, working on behalf of those evil men and women in Wash DC to betray their country?

There is a treasure trove of documents being kept from our purvey by Glenn Greenwald, documents that could be the difference between life and death for many of us. Yet Glenn Greenwald is refusing to release them, insisting he has the duty to protect the identities and activities of the CIA and its devils spawn internationally. What about protecting us?

So, Glenn Greenwald, why are you protecting the CIA and not doing your duty as an international citizen, and a “journalist”, and releasing for all the world to read and act on such critically important information?

Thomas C. Mountain is a life long revolutionary activist and educator,living and reporting from Eritrea since 2006. He can be reached at thomascmountain_at_gmail_dot_com