Buddhist extremists attack innocent Muslims in Sri Lanka

| by Rifai

( June 16, 2014, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Budu Bala Sene and its supporters attacked innocent Muslims in some Muslims villages in the South of Sri Lanka today (15-6-14). Buddhist extremists’ movement Budu Bala Sene had its demonstration against Muslims today in Aluthgama town. The following the demonstration they had a meeting. The general secretary of BBS spoke with his vulgar tones and he incited with crown with anti-Muslim venom. No doubt his racist speech should have provoked the crowd to engage in anti-Muslim attacks. Following the meeting emotionally charged crowd with hatred went on rampage and attacked Muslims in the area. They threw stones to the mosques and broke into many Muslim houses. They burned down some Muslim shops. They looted many Muslim properties. They have also physically attacked many innocent Muslims in the areas. It is reported more than 4000 Muslims are sheltering in the mosque for protection. It is also reported that around 500 families are sheltering in Jamiah Naleemiah institute of higher education for Islamic studies. Still a full account of what exactly happened is not known. It will take some days to assess full damages of these racists’ attacks on innocent Muslims.

Some Muslim leaders and politicians have already demanded government officials and police not give permission to BBS to hold this demonstration in this area for fear of repercussion of racists’ attacks on Muslims and yet, Police let them demonstrate and consequently as predicated after the meeting BBS members went on rampage attacking Muslims. What more ironical is that Buddhist extremists went on attacking Muslim while curfew was enforced by police on the area. It is reported that Police acted discriminately during the curfew and let Buddhist extremists to burn down Muslim shops and throw stones to Muslim mosques. Some argue that this would not have happened unless government has allowed this BBS group to go on rampage like this. There is considerable account of doubt and suspicion that government is very much craftily and clandestinely supporting these extremists to carry out attacks on innocent Muslims and wipe out economic asserts of Muslims in Sri Lanka.

All accusations of BBS are baseless and deliberately fabricated against Muslims. In the pretext of these fabricated accusations, they have been attacking innocent Muslims across the country and it started soon after Sri Lanka defeated LTTE. Muslims of this country have never and ever betrayed this nation. They have not supported LTTE to divide the country and they have been loyal citizens of this country for more than one thousand years and yet, look at the way these extremist Buddhists treating innocent Muslims in this country.

It is abundantly clear that these radical Buddhists have clear cut plans to destroy the economy of Muslims in this country and they are plotting to wipe out Muslims of this country and yet, our ineptitude politicians do not have political wisdom and shrewdness to know the objectives of BBS and its hidden agendas. We have been telling them to act swiftly before these violent acts engulf entire Muslim community in Sri Lanka and yet, they have done little in this regard. They should have resigned from this government at the initial stage of anti-Muslim campaign of BBS. They should have sit down in parliament with opposition in protest and they did not do this for fear of their political career.
This anti-Muslim campaign is no doubt a dirty work of this government and this government should be accountable for all these attacks on Muslims. I shall continue tomorrow with some more update.