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Govt's Response: Mad Man Politics

( June 6, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Minister of Higher Education S.B. Dissanayaka has been thoroughly defeated in all his moves taken against university students. The students have taken a firm stand that they would not give up their struggle until a written assurance regarding the decision taken by the GMOA and the President is received to establish four year ‘Allied Health Science’ course would be established.

Also, despite making threats that students and their parents who oppose holding ‘Dayata Kirula’ exhibition in Ruhuna University would have to find places to hide, students successfully prevented the government’s propaganda thamasha from being held in the University.

Students say it is impossible to get 120 credits within three years, expecting them to get 120 credits means the course has to be extended for four years. They say their parents maintain the stand they took when they began the struggle and no parent had telephoned Minister S.B. Dissanayaka to thank him. Students say there is no need to thank the Minister as he had not taken any step to solve the issue. Minister S.B. Dissanayaka comes out with such harangues to save his face say students.

This is what the Minister say about the pledge students wanted.

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