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No Limit in Panadura on fire

| by Rifai

( June 21, 2014, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Muslim owned No limit shop has been set on fire by anti-Muslim elements in Sri Lanka last night (20-6-14). The No limit shop is one of biggest cloth shops in Sri Lanka. It has been providing employment opportunities for all community members. Sinhalese, Muslims and Tamils are employed without any racial discrimination or bias in No Limit shop.

Yet, BBS and its cohorts have been calling Buddhist extremists to attack Muslim owned business and shops in Sri Lanka in recent time. This attack is a clear indication of their plot to wipe out Muslim business and shops. One of the main reasons for this anti-Muslim racism is that BBS and its cohorts are jealous of Muslim people.

It is noted by one of Sri Lankan best Newspaper Editors Victor Ivan that some Sinhalese extremists’ elements are jealous of Muslims for their skills and talents in business. HE noted that Muslim people in Sri Lanka have traditionally inherent skills in business. They have acquired these skills traditionally and historically. Moreover another reason for the success of Muslims in Business is that they do not take interest from banks to do business. Unlike other community in business Muslims do not engage in interest to do business.

In return they do not need to pay back lots of interest to banks. This is not the case with other community people. They run their business on interest. They have to pay back lots of their profits to bank. That is why small scale Sinhalese people are not successful in business as Muslims. Most of them end up in bankruptcy and liquidation. Yet, BBS and its supporters have communal jealousy over Muslims for their skills and hard works in business.

BBS was established to wipe out Muslim existence economically, culturally and religiously from Sri Lanka. Its hate campaign is very much clear from its very inception. Government has been supporting it directly and indirectly. It is reported that the self-declared defence secretary is responsible for the creation of this monster among peaceful Sinhalese community. Indeed, 99% Sinhalese people are good people and do not like to harm anyone.

They have been living peacefully with all communities in harmony in Sri Lanka and yet, this BBS monster is created to shatter this peace and harmony. What makes this situation worst is the majority of Sinhalese people do not come out and speak against this injustice and aggression. Academics, monks, politicians, Professionals, journalists and community leaders of all communities should come out and speak against this aggression soon and stop this barbarism.

BBS will do a huge economic damage to Sri Lanka. It could reduce tourist arrivals and harm the reputation of Sri Lanka internationally. What worries us more is the long silence of educated people of this country? Why do they keep silence on this issue? Why do not they condemn this action of barbarism? Where is their humanism? Where is their conscience and morality? Otherwise, do they support these barbaric acts of BBS in this country secretly? Or do they like to see this country descending into one more blood bath? Do not they have learned any lesson from the past history of war for the last thirty years in Sri Lanka?

It is the moral and religious duty of Sri Lankan religious and intellectual community to stand up against this barbarism. They should demand this government to ban this racist group for ever in the greater interest of this county and its people.

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