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Evils of Nepal's Retrogression

| by Dirgha Raj Prasai

( July 27, 2014, Kathmandu, Sri Lanka Guardian) The unification of modern Nepal had unified by the great King of Gorkha-Prithvi Narayan Shah with 54 different Hindu states along with religious groups of different kinds including the Muslims in 1768 AD. Nepal is not only Hindu kingdom in the world. But even if Nepal is declared a Hindu state in absence of monarchy it would only mean that Nepal is being opened for warring western countries and Christians to make it a Christian nation. In absence of the royal institution, which has been the central part of Hindus, the Christian and Hindu conflict could result in an eventual bloodbath and Christians can impose their influence. If Nepal continues to remain a secular state even a Christian may become its President. In absence of monarchy America and European nations can organize the disintegration of China with the help of the slogan of Free Tibet. What will happen to Nepal then? 

So if there is the presence of the royal institution and Hindu status, America and European nations cannot carry out their conspiracy and China will not have to be suspicious. The respect China used to give Nepal when there was the presence of monarchy will continue again. But the Brahmin leaders in Nepali Congress, UML and the Maoists’ parties are on purpose neglecting this reality and are conspiring to end Nepal’s existence. After 2006 the foreign conspirators have used the selfish Brahmins and are trying to drown Nepal. All the Nepali people regardless of their ethnic backgrounds must have one objective which is to chase the treacherous Brahmins.

Due to these Brahmins’ fault the chief inhabitants of Tarai plain and patriotic indigenous nationalities of hilly region are ready to fight for their respective existence. Some indigenous nationalities have come under the influence of foreign conspirators including the Christians but they have been exposed, while others have remained patriotic. The indigenous nationalities as Newar, Magar, Gurung, Tamang, Rai, Limbu, Thakali, Sherpa among others and patriotic Chhetri and Brahmins are angry with these anti-nationalist Brahmins. The chief inhabitants of Tarai as Tharu, Rajbanshi, Yadav, Jha, Majhi, Hajam, Thakur, Lodh, Patel, Kumal, Dhimal, Karmi, Mashar, Chamar Dhobi, Trabiri, Dev, Karna, Srivastav, Das, Rajput, Pandey, Singh, Sinha, Bhumihar, Patuwa, Barma, Datta, Paswan, Chaudhary, Hajara, Sahani Hajari, Jayaspal among others are angry at the Madhesi and Hilly Brahmins that want to split Tarai through Indian intervention. These inhabitants of Tarai do not love anything more than their nation. We must arrest and incarcerate those evils Brahmins- late Girija Prasad Koirala, Madhab Nepal, Prachanda (Puspakamal Dahal) and Baburam Bhattarai, Jhalanath Khanal, Bamdev Gautam, Ramchandra Paudel, Krishna Sitoula that are conspiring against Nepal by taking money by accepting bribe from foreigners. The present PM Sushil Koirala is also a Brahmin who is very suspicious because he may support the traitor-Girija Prasad's path being the follower of the founder of Nepali Congress BP Koirala.

There is not much difference between the first Constituent Assembly (CA) and the second CA. In the first CA, Brahmin traitors had been a curse and in the second CA all the parties’ leadership is with treacherous Brahmins. Since the creation of history selfish Brahmins have been deceiving this nation. During the Sugauli Treaty Gajananda Mishra and Chandra Shekhar Upadhaya, who were expelled from the royal palace, signed the Sugauli Treaty prepared by the East India Company by saying they represented the royal palace. They took 12/12 Bighas of land in India’s Mujafarpur. They did not return and stayed there. Then this fake Treaty was opposed. Then the British started to issue threats to comply with the Treaty. Then an agreement was reached that English would return the land from Tarai’s Rapti to Tista while the territory from Mechi to Tista would be leased for Rs. two hundred by the English. Despite opposition these two selfish Bhramins broke the Greater Nepal.

The territory from Rapti to Kanchanpur was given back in return for Nepal’s support to English against Luckhnow’s Nawab Bajir Shah during the reign of Junga Bahadur. Chandra Shumsher had maintained a good relation with East India Company. The English took this opportunity to propose with Junga Bahadur that they would return the territory of Kanganda. The Rana PM Chandra Shumsher had told the English- 'There had been agreement with Junga Bahadur the territory from Mahakali to Kankanda would be returned but it has not been returned'. The English answered that they would submit Nepal Rs. 5 million annually until the territory was returned. We can find many evidences all about the missed land of Nepal from Sugauli treaty-1816.

But after India became independent Nepal’s territory in the East to Tista and Kangada in the West was never returned nor the money ever provided. Like the selfish Brahmins that handed over Nepal’s territory to foreigners, after 2006 treacherous Brahmins in Nepali Congress, UML and the Maoist party were used by foreigners. It has become a duty for the patriotic Nepali people to stand against Brahmin traitors that came to political front after 2006. Since the 12-point understanding reached in February 2006 the Brahmins are active to destroy this country for their money, position and security. Under the conspiracy and pressure of Indian intelligence wing ‘RAW’ they imposed secularism, republic and federalism to end Nepal’s existence. Seeing such fatal anti-nationalist character of these selfish Brahmins I feel disgusted although I myself am a Brahmin.

When it was certain that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) would receive majority vote and that extremist Hindu leader would become Indian premier, UCPN (Maoist) leader Baburam Bhattarai, who has been under direction from RAW and Sonia Gandhi, sent congratulatory message first to Narendra Modi. Likewise, another Brahmin leader of UCPN (Maoist) Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) was so nervous that he said, “India will not speak against secularism, republic and federalism in Nepal.” India knows that 17,000 Nepali people were systematically killed and to end Hindu culture Sanskrit University was torched and cow was slaughtered for meat. As most of the Maoist leaders including Prachanda, Baburam Bhattarai and Krishna Bahadur Mahara are Christians the new India sees them as worthless tools. 

PM Narendra Modi had requested many times to the Nepali government to tackle the Maoists’ problem. BJP is a Hindu and nationalist party. How can it support the Maoists that were trained in India and mobilized by RAW and Congress (I). All the leaders in BJP are aware that if Nepal remains secular and a republic it would pose danger for India in the future. It is of great concern for BJP that imperialist nations would turn Nepal into a Christian nation and that the western countries are trying to disintegrate China in the name of Free Tibet.

Everyone is aware that China will adopt a strategy to counter imperialist powers and for its security could establish People’s Republic in Nepal. It would be a compulsion for China due to security reasons. China would feel secured in the event of the continuation of the royal institution and Hindu status in Nepal. Late Chinese leader Mao Ze Dong had also realized that Nepal with a monarchy could mean that China would not have to face external danger. Mao used to talk more openly with late King Mahendra and Birendra than with Nepal’s communist leaders. Does not Indian BJP understand this? If India falls short of realizing this in future India could turn into a socialist People’s Republic and then America, Britain and the European nations would not even have a chance to detonate a bomb. In India BJP is committed to make republican democracy a common platform for all Indians by giving Hindu identity a special position. Although 80% of Indians are Hindu India will not become a Hindu nation. This is a tradition that has continued since the independence of India. If that is changed it could mean conflict with Christians and Muslims. So BJP believes that it is its duty to support one and only Hindu state of Nepal with a constitutional monarchy. 

BJP veteran leader Lal Krishna Advani has spoken many times for the need of royal institution in Nepal. Senior leader Advani had said: 'The framework for constitutional monarchy in Nepal should be consolidated because monarchy is the symbol of Nepal's identity and sovereignty. Nepal should have an active and dynamic multi-party democracy'. Present Home minister of the Govt. of India and the BJP leader Rajnath Singh said- 'We used to feel proud that Nepal was the only Hindu kingdom in the world,' Singh said. 'I will be happy when Nepal is a Hindu state again. 'We used to feel proud that Nepal was the only Hindu kingdom in the world. 'I will be happy when Nepal is a Hindu state again. No one is appealing to the Islamic states of Pakistan and Bangladesh to become secular. But it was done in Nepal.' - 2010-3-22, in Nepal. Foreign Relations Department Chiej of BJP Vijay Jolly said-' I am a Hindu who follows Hinduism. I am much upset as a decision on such an important topic was taken without taking people's opinion' July 4th 2014 Kathmandu.

BJP’ senior leader Attal Bihari Bajpayee had even adorned the Tika from the soil that had been stepped on by Nepal’s king. The Indian Hindus have been orphaned after imposition of republic and secularism in Nepal. Nepal’s king holds a special authority in many pilgrimage sites and shrines of India. Tirupati, Rameshworam, Kamachya Kamroop, Badrinath, Kedarnath are for examples. So BJP knows the scale of role and importance of Nepal’s king for India’s Hindus. BJP venerates India’s saints and Sadhus. Among the Indian Sadhus there is great demand for reinstatement of monarchy and Hindu status in Nepal. There may be many conspiracies against PM Narendra Modi who wants the comeback of monarchy and Hinduism in Nepal. But BJP for sake of its prestige would want the continuation of monarchy and Hindu status in Nepal. Many leaders in BJP are demanding, “Nepal should only be a Hindu nation.” But there is a great difference between a Hindu nation and a Hindu kingdom. To maintain only Hindu nation could court terrorism. In the Muslim nations Christians and Hindus cannot carry out their activities. Likewise if Nepal becomes only a Hindu nation then it would mean that Christians and Muslims would be chased. This Nepal does not want and it is not in the interest of Nepal.

In this holy land, Indian and American intelligence agencies RAW and CIA supported the wolf-like Brahmins and pushed them to leadership level and imposed secularism and republic. They are now trying for ethnicity based federalism. They tricked the people into participating in the uprising in 2006 by making false promises of a new constitution. After 2006 these Brahmins captured the state power. They could not deliver a new constitution and instead are now forcing the nation into a civil war. A new constitution is yet to come; but they have imposed secularism, republic and federalism. What kind of drama is this! 

If the Nepali Brahmins had not become leaders of political parties Nepal would not have faced such situation. Nepal’s misfortune is the Brahmin traitors here. In 2012 the foreign powers supported the Brahmin Nepal’s Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi to become premier. They had attempted to drown Nepal through this selfish Brahmin. Such a person like Khilraj Regmi has never been seen in judiciary. I am also a Brahmin. We are not traitors. The patriotic Brahmins of Nepal are disgusted with the treacherous Brahmins. If we are able to punish the selfish Brahmin traitors that have contributed in Nepal’s downfall there would not be another such kind of traitor in the next thousand years in this country. All Nepali people must be united to take action against at least 20 to 25 of Brahmin leaders that are responsible for Nepal’s retrogression. Let’s save the nation.

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