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Facebook Apologizes For Running Secret Psychological Experiment

( July 3, 2014 , New York City, Sri Lanka Guardian) Facebook which is the world’s largest social networking site is run by Jews. So with that in mind, it should not be a surprise that they would do something like this. They just can’t help themselves.

Apparently the Jew COO Sheryl Sandberg thinks they can just get away with this deception by issuing an apology. It doesn’t look like it will be that easy, but since Facebook can buy a dream team of Jew lawyers they’ll probably escape this mostly unscathed.

From USA Today:

Facebook’s No. 2 executive Sheryl Sandberg apologized on Wednesday for the psychological experiment the giant social network conducted on nearly 700,000 unsuspecting users.

She said the experiment which tested whether Facebook could manipulate users’ emotions was “poorly communicated.”

Sandberg made the comments while on a visit to New Delhi, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Sandberg is in India meeting with businesses that advertise on Facebook to generate more revenue from emerging markets.

Her apology came as British data protection authorities said Wednesday that they are investigating the Facebook experiment. They are working with authorities in Ireland, headquarters of Facebook’s European operations. French authorities are also reviewing the experiment.

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