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Genocide in Gaza

| by Rifai

( July 21, 2014, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Barbaric Israel forces are killing hundreds of Palestinians indiscriminately in Gaza Strip. This is indeed a collective punishment of the entire 1.8 million people in Gaza in the pretext of defending its land. This is indeed a disproportionate attack by Israel. Israel has been arguing that it has right to defend its land. Yet, look at the way it is killing hundreds of people in the pretext of hunting Hamas fighters. Who on this earth would agree with what Israel is doing right now. No human being would accept this sort of logic. The western world is maintaining silence on this issue and Arab & Muslim world could do anything to stop this genocide. It is shame on the Arab leaders to watch that theirs brothers are being butchered in front of their eyes in this modern world. Physiological and emotional scars of this war would stay in the minds and hearts of 1.6 billion Muslims forever.

The western political leaders and journalists have been unconditionally supporting Israel in its aggression and transgression. What crime those children, women and elderly people did to kill them in this barbaric and inhuman ways. What crime they have done to Israel to demolish houses of these people? What crimes these people have done to punish them collectively and yet, today in this modern world, with all so called human right commission there is no one to question these barbaric acts of Israel. 

Let us assume that Israel is haunting Hamas fighting then it should go for them and fight them directly and there is no excuse to kill children, women and elderly in this barbaric way. If this is not a barbarism what would be barbarism then? Coward Israel forces with its all modern weaponries do have courage to face Hamas face to face. That is why they are shelling indiscriminately on people.

It is really shame that humanity today watches this type of mass murders and killing on their TV screen and yet, their sense of humanism and consciences do not any human sentiments. It is shame that our children have to watch these cruel images of massacres in their TV screen. One wonders what type of world we are living today? Is it a world dominated by inhumanity, aggression and transgression? Where is the concept of universal Islamic brotherhood? Where is the Muslim leadership and what happened to Islamic notion of faith and unity within Muslim ummah? Where are so called Islamic preachers and Imams? By Allah these Imams and preachers of today will have to answer lots of questions in front of Allah in the Day of Judgment for their continuous complicity and ineptitude in the case of Palestine for many decades. Most of them have become agents of corrupted rulers and dictators rather than working for the course of Islam and Muslims they have become servants of nepotistic rulers. Otherwise, how could the conditions of Muslim communities descend to this low level of ebb? 

By the grace of Allah, Ummah is not weakened by this sort of genocide rather aggression like this has united Ummah from every corner of Muslim world. Today a large numbers of British people demonstrated against killing of Palestine people in Gaza Strip. More than 50.000 British people crowded at 10 Downing Street demanding British government to end the killing of innocent people in Palestine. This was one the largest demonstrations in support of Gaza. Despite of the fact that Muslims are fasting for more than 19 hours many Muslims people from all over Britain got together to demand British government to stop supporting Israel. This demonstration was organised by a number of British organisations.

The following organisations called upon British people to show their solidarity with people of Gaza. Stop the War Coalition, Palestine Solidarity Campaign, CND, Friends of Al Aqsa, British Muslim Initiative, War on Want, Islamic Forum of Europe, Palestinian Forum in Britain and many others organisations participated in this demonstration. They would march from number 10 Down Street to Israel embassy demanding to stop war on Gaza. 

People different faiths and different political ideologies got together in this demonstration. All kinds of people old and young, men and women, Muslims and non-Muslims actively participated in this demonstration. All raised their voice loudly against unconditionally support that British government give to the Zionist regime. 

The director of Palestine solidarity campaign Sarah Colborne said that;
“Today’s national demonstration will give people across the country the chance to say enough is enough, Israel's siege of Gaza and it's occupation of Palestine land has to end now and people want justice and freedom for Palestinians".

Not only in London across the globe are people demonstrating against this aggression of Israel government. For the last 70 years people of Palestine have been suffering at the hands of Zionists. Their lands have been grabbed and their houses have been demolished and their life has been ruined by aggressive Israel occupation: one of the supporters of Palestinians and British MP Mr George Galloway put this question. What right Britain has got to grab the lands of Palestine and give it to Israel? He argues that this was one of the greatest injustices in the world today and British government should not support Israel rather it should say sorry for what happened before 65 years ago and compensate Palestinians for their mistake and wrong doing

This is indeed a wakeup call for Muslim community around the world. This type of aggression would increase radicalism and extremism among Muslim youths. Most of the western powers have openly supported Israel disproportionate attack on Palestinians. Obama openly said the Israel has got right to defend and British PM too said the same thing and yet, they do not see that Palestinians have been victimised for 70 years now. They are really supporting the aggressor in this case of Israel and Palestinian conflict.

Indeed, American weapons and arms are used by Israel in these barbaric attacks on innocent people: children, women, elderly, sick and disable all are being targeted by this coward Israel forces. They have been targeting all people without any human remorse and these forces are like animals without human hearts and companions. They would kill anyone without any kindness. They have indeed killed hundreds of Palestinian children in recent attack and Gaza has been under siege for many years: people are deprived of basic needs and facilities. Water was cut off and electrify supply was limited, food supply was limited and basic medicine supply was restricted by Israel. 

Where are all human right commissions and world organisations for protecting poor and victims? Why they do not speak out? What has UN done for Palestinians for the last 60 years? Nothing is done but just talks and negotiations. With the support of USA and Western power Israel could manage to manipulate all UN resolutions on Palestine issue. Where do we live? Are we live in this so called modern and civilised world or are we live in an animal kingdom? Animals would do better justice than this racist Israel. Justice is unconditional. Yet, Israel has got one type of justice and for Palestine there is another type of justice. How long this gross injustice and bias attitude could continue. When will Devine Punishment descend on these people? It can be said God give them time to prolong their aggression and yet, His punishment would come abruptly sooner or later. Humanity is going see it soon. That is what we could say in this genocide of innocent people.

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