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Malaysian Aircraft Disaster Over Ukraine Air Space

World’s Mindset Has Not Changed

( July 21, 2014, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) The shooting down of Malaysian aircraft over Ukraine airspace when around 289 innocent lives were lost, has caused anguish amongst citizens all over the world.

This tragic and unfortunate incident is one more indication to prove the fact that , inspite of huge and extraordinary developments of science and technology in different spheres and the material progress achieved in the world , all such improvements have really not impacted on the thinking process of men and women around the world for better.

Obviously, such developments , which have resulted in availability of sophisticated equipments and facilities changing the external life style of man, have not resulted in the creation of any visible betterment in the behaviour pattern of humanity. The external changes have not resulted in the internal changes in man.

World is still plagued by hatred , prejudices and narrow outlook with one man or one region all the time trying to outbeat another man or another region. The wars and conflicts have been taking place in the world ever since the human history began and they continue now with the same intensity and ferocity. The only change has been in the type of weapons used and types of tactics adopted to defeat one by the other. People continue to target the enemies by fair or foul means as it happened in the past.

Obviously, the battle for the future has to be fought in the minds of men and women all over the world. Great scholars and philosophers like Mahatma Gandhi had said this earlier and are now continued to be said by thinking men who are concerned about the future of the mankind.

The ground reality today is that the leaders of several governments in the world preach about the need for peace and harmony to the outside world but actually do many things which contribute to destruction of peace in one way or the other.

President Obama has expressed concern about the shooting down of aircraft over Ukraine air space. But, many suspect that USA could have provided discreet support and encouragement to the Ukraine government , that has resulted in conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Similarly, Prime Minister Putin has condemned the attack on the aircraft but many suspect that Russia could have given tacid support to the rebels in Ukraine to destabilise the government in Ukraine.

Similar instances of double speak and double act by leaders of world governments can now be seen in all the areas of conflicts around the world. Obviously, there is an air of dishonesty amongst several leaders of world governments and they have repeatedly shown self interests in their acts and deeds, without really caring for value based cooperation between different nations.

If one carefully would review the world history several centuries back, it could be seen that conflicts have taken place and many disasters and deaths have happened due to war exactly for the same reasons , for which they are taking place today.

The question arises as to whether the world civilisation in the real sense of the term has moved ahead at all.

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