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Message of friendship and goodwill visit

| by Swadesh Roy

( July 4, 2014, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) Sometimes getting a lot does not mean a good result; sometimes getting a little is a big result. How it will be calculated about the result of India External Affairs’ Minister Sushma Swaraj’s recent visit to Bangladesh? Have the government and the people of Bangladesh got anything from her visit? The visit could not produce any treaty or any new commitment, in spite of that, people of Bangladesh and the government have marked it a successful, constructive and fruitful visit. As we are getting news from the Indian media, the counterpart of Bangladesh also has remarked it in same way. It was the beauty of that visit. It was true that the visit did not produce any treaty; it was also true that the visit was not for a treaty. Nevertheless, when the Indian external affairs minister acknowledged relation between the past government and Bangladesh with highly praise in her delivered speech in Dhaka it was more than a treaty. She said that in the last few years when Congress lead government was in power in Delhi, a `great deal’ had been achieved in India -Bangladesh relation they would continue and build the relations upon the momentum. Most of the people of Bangladesh were looking forward to hearing it from the External Affairs Minister of India. Last five years government of India and Bangladesh had been started a good for a new future in this region. Now the people could understand that the new government of India stands ready to enhance the momentum of the relations.

In India- Bangladesh relations, last five years was a time of a good starting, but to reach in a fruitful stair it will take at least ten years more. So it was the time to hear from Indian new government that they are ready to enhance the momentum of relations. Last five years India and and Bangladesh had explored some new avenues for good future and they tried to destroy some rogues of the two countries, mainly the terrorism. The rouge terrorism grabbed India and Bangladesh. India’s main threat is their internal security and the dissident of some part of the country. The land of Bangladesh was using for not only the dissidents of India but also the terrorist organizations which are the threat for the Indian internal security. Two international terrorist organizations and one Pakistan based terrorist organization are main threats for Indian internal security they got shelter in Bangladesh. These three organizations are Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islam. (HUJI), Al-Qaeda and Pakistan based Lashkar-e- Taiba(LeT).

In Bangladesh from 2001 to 2006 Jammat- E- Islam (Jammat) , Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and their allies were in power. Jammat is directly connected with HUJI, LeT and Al Qaeda. They have more than forty underground organizations; they are connected with the three terrorist organizations. Besides, their student organization members get regular training in Pakistan. They had been receiving training in Bangladesh from 2001 to 2006 by the trainers of those terrorist organizations. One of the allies of the BNP is Islami Oikoy Jote (IOJ) they are organized by the Al Qaeda and LeT members of Bangladesh. Most of their leaders are trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Besides, in Bangladesh, HUJI is breeding in the students through an organization named Hizb-ut- Tahrir(HuT). A large numbers of teachers, educators and the NGO leaders are the key person of the HuT. Those teachers, educators and the NGO leaders are the supporter of Jammat and BNP. One of the NGO leaders is the main person behind HuT and he is also the main political think tank of the BNP leader Khaleda Zia now. From 2001 to 2006 the Bangladeshi terrorist and the terrorist who were using Bangladeshi land were one of the main threats for Indian internal security.
Awami League and their leader Sheikh Hasina have been fighting against these terrorists for her last first five year’s tenure and now also. That is why after the meeting of Sushma and her Bangladeshi counterpart Mahamud Ali, Mr. Akbarudin, the spokesperson of Sushma said, “Bangladesh had indicated to our leadership that there are unequivocal and uncompromising in their opposition to terrorism in any form of manifestation and Bangladesh will never allow its territory to be used against India.” This comment is more than a treaty for a one-month-old new government of India. Everybody knows that it is not possible for going any treaty for a one-month- old government; they need at least six month to learn their own government. But their attitude shows that they will go forward with Bangladesh by same steps that continued in the last five years. One of the Bangladeshi newspapers wrote, “Old hopes given anew by BJP”. It may be true, it is also too heard but it is not the realization of all Bangladeshis. The new educated generation of Bangladesh knows that they are the son of globalization. So firstly, they need a regional connectivity. Bangladesh and India have been explored it for last five years. Sushma ensured that her government wants to augment it. Besides that, Sushma gave assurance that her government will try to pass in their parliament the land boundary agreement (LBA) as early as possible and to come in a point inside her country that how they can go for Testa river water sharing treaty. Her Prime Minister is very much concern in that issue. LBA and Teasta are two unsettle issues of two countries. Bangladesh is more concerned with these two. In the same manner, Bangladesh is also concerned with road connectivity, economy connectivity and electricity connectivity. In the discussion with the Prime Minister of Bangladesh and Sushma, these issues also got importance. In her delivered speech in Dhaka, Sushma also mentioned the electricity connectivity of this region. Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Bhutan are now in this connectivity. It may be spread later; china and Myanmar can join with it.

Most of the subjects were discussed in forty-hour visit of Sushma, which, have been started for last five years. Despite all the discussion and the delivery, it was a visit for message for two countries. It was the message that Bangladesh is the key partner of India in this region. After that visit, talking with the many senior Ministers and Advisers of Sheikh Hasina government, it is now crystal clear, they are happy with the new government of India and they got confidence that, they will go forward with the NDA government; as they walked with UPA government of India. Sushma has given this message very decently. So, one of the senior Ministers of Bangladesh said that it is not only a visit for message of friendship and goodwill, which Sushma Said; but also a decent visit.
Swadesh Roy, Executive Editor, The Daily Janakantha, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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