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Editorial: Action against Israel requires a global uprising

| by Nilantha Ilangamuwa

( August 3, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) How many more bones are needed to satisfy the broth Netanyahu is preparing to feed his desire for land, power and revenge? Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has proved himself to be one of the most arrogant leaders produced in the history of the modern world. How can he and the people of Israel enjoy their meals when the odour of burning flesh permeates the very air they breathe?

What is happening in Gaza is not a matter of power or how technologically advanced the Israelis are but rather a matter of humanity. It is a matter that will go down in history as a conflict in which one country denied another the right to exist for the simple reason of greed. Israel wants Palestine and that is all there is sot it. There is no question of security. It is simply greed.

Thousands of people have been killed or injured in the last few weeks. Most of them were women and children. As one writer portrayed, the place become the world’s largest concentrate camp. Everyone has to struggle in finding words to describe this nightmare as the common language has been distorted by those who are funding and arming the Israelis.

Almost the entire world including the almost paralysed world body, the United Nations, has spoken out against this inhuman cruel viciousness practice, that is, with the notable exception of the United States. Alas…, one officer of the world body cried when he was giving an interview to the Aljazeera Arabic service. Everyone who is opposed to this cannibalism is helpless. No one dare to stop it. Air attacks by rockets and fighter planes continue. Why is the world so helpless, how can the world sit back and watch the Israelis fulfil their desires at the cost of innocent lives?

The Israelis justify their attacks as being targeted against Hamas. They are destroying homes and shelters on the excuse that they are storing weapons to be used against them. However, there can be no justification for attacking a hospital, especially after the UN advised the Israelis that it was just that, a hospital. What murderous mind could justify such barbary.

There are more questions than answers. There is a quite simple but well-articulated political strategy. The tyrant created many questions based merely on speculation as to why he needs to act against these people. Therefore he can continue to eliminate any real resistance against him.

However, what is being pointed out time and time again is that the people of Palestine are no threat to Israel. By continuously attacking, and killing women and children, all Israel is doing is creating martyrs and future enemies. What Israel needs to remember is that even in a devastating fire something always remains, a blade of grass, a shrub. Israel is militarily capable of throwing the Palestinians off their lands and taking it for their own. But they cannot kill every living Palestinian. And those that survive will have an enduring hatred for Israel for generations to come.

Prime Minister Netanyahu sends his black cats from the air as well as through the ground to find rats, the tunnel creators. It appears to be a hideous version of Tom and Gerry. But when the game involves human lives it becomes genocide.

Searching for tunnels, in actual sense the rat holes, isn’t practical but a tool to justify the barbaric motivated action against the people in the territory. Prime Minister Netanyahu and his soul mate the President Barack Obama can justify their whole catastrophic carnage against the people in the territory just because of the tunnels. This is an arguments based on utter rubbish which is similar to what Gobbles did during the third Reich.

Does it mean there will is no war if there is no tunnel? If so what if Hamas and other people’s based resistance movements decided to close those tunnels? Would Israel halt their attacks? The answer is a resounding NO! Israel wants Palestine and they will not stop until they get it. The tunnels are only an excuse, get rid of the tunnels and they will find another.

What we can observe in the war is not only the loss of thousands of native people in the territory but that Netanyahu teaching a bitter arrogant lesson to the entire world. In these circumstances it will come as no surprise if there is another 9/11, this time against Israel in near future. Fortunately the Israel is able to conquer every rocket coming from the Palestinian territory but the strategy may change overnight and without warning.

The dilemma created by Israel is universal. It crossed the boundaries decades ago, while the government of Israel is continuing her cruel policy because they have military capabilities (supplied by the US and Britain) as well as the financial assistance. This is the focal point of the inhuman practice against Palestinian and elsewhere.

How can the Obama administration tell other countries about human rights if his soul mate violating the basic norms of the humanity? What is the meaning of having laws and other conventions if those are only relevant to the poor and powerless countries?

How long is the world going to sit back and watch? How scared must be become before we stand up against the tyrant? It is time to tame the unjust and this requires a global uprising to establish the real freedom among us. In other words, while we live let us live (Dum vivimus vivamus), is most important challenge which is screaming through those who lost their lives due to the occupation in the Gaza strip.

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