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The Pain of Eid

| by The News, Pakistan

( August 3, 2014, Islamabad, Sri Lanka Guardian) Eid is an occasion when the divide between the rich and the poor is quite visible. The latter want to celebrate this festival like the former, but they can’t. Eid-ul-Fitr is a time of humiliation for the poor of society.

“Occasions like Eid are torturous for me as I see the burning desire in the eyes of my children for new cloths, bangles and shoes,” Freeduddin, who is a skilled worker at an engineering concern, said. The hard labour at the factory he works leaves his body in pain at every evening. “But, the agony and fear I spent the last 15 days of Ramazan with is more than anything else,” he remarked. “I just pray I get my salary on time to meet at least the routine expenses.”

Another labourer Hakeemullah considers festivals like Eid as a luxury for his family. “In the present circumstances, a poor feels lucky if he manages to provide two square meals a day to his family…Eid is a luxury my family cannot afford.”

A lower middle income worker Naseem Ahmad is living this notion practically. “I see the children of my boss buying even moon any day, but I can’t fetch a new garment for my kid on a special occasion like Eid,” Ahmad lamented. This comparison worsens the frustration of the low income holders further. “I feel poor when I witness how other people are enjoying life.”

“The society humiliates me every day because of my poverty, but on Eid I feel humiliated in front of my wife and children for not being able to fulfil their desires,” Samiullah, a construction worker.

Muslims spend a lot of money on food during the 30 days preceding the festival. And, due to higher prices of food items during Ramazan, they don’t have much in pockets at the end the month. Therefore, the poorer segments of society find it hard to cope with the additional expenses needed to buy new clothing and shoes for the family members for Eid.

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