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Wholesome Australians

| by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

( August 22, 2014, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) In Australia, the issue of Asylum seekers is a legacy inherited for better or for worse by the Abbott Government from the Howard Government. That is the way of the subjective system. If we are to measure our performance in this issue democratically – we need to use merit basis on the work performed from zero basis. It’s the parallel of the expectations for migrants to ‘leave their conflicts’ behind in the country of origin. This applies also to governments especially when managing migrants of all forms. Migrants succeed to becoming nationals of their new countries and beyond only when they leave behind the body of their previous life but bring the experience with themselves. Likewise those senior arrivals who approve the new arrivals arrival need to lose consciousness of their status as higher authorities and become facilities once they are able to recognize higher contribution than themselves by a migrant to the Common. Then the roles are actually reversed – as in ‘customer is right’ principle.

Recently, an Australian Academic of Iranian origin said to me that her 10 year experience as an Academic was not recognized in Australia and that she had to do an Australian PhD to hold her current position. The lady said that migrants were expected to dump their qualifications in the sea before arriving in Australia. I said that I did not ‘convert’ by doing the Australian Chartered Accountancy but upheld Sri Lankan standards through my performance from zero base. By doing the Australian ‘conversions’ we are ourselves writing off our old for the new. It’s a compromise that robs us of the global experience.

The Universal experience is beyond time and place borders. Just yesterday, I received from my cousin Ravi – the transcript of an interview with Dr. James George – the Canadian High Commissioner to Ceylon/Sri Lanka in the 60’s. Dr. James George recalls the meeting his children had with Saint Yoga Swami in Swami’s little hut in Jaffna. As per Dr. George’s recollection – Swami asked the youngest of the three – 9 year old child – as to what her age was. When the little one said 9 – Swami had said ‘I am also your age’. Swami had likewise said that to the elder two – 11 and 13 years old respectively that he was their age. The youngest had said that couldn’t be. But Dr. George understood that Swami was effectively saying that Swami and the child were One – beyond time barriers. Swami blessed the child as part of himself.

This is important in appreciating how the system of Nature works to connect our minds to each other. One who is subjective uses time based borders to make and show decisions. One who is global and is therefore objective uses place based borders to produce and show objectively measurable outcomes. The two cannot be indiscriminately mixed to produce just outcomes. Hence the need to renounce the subjective parts of our qualifications in the countries of our origin. This needs to be the case with humanitarian workers with Western qualifications working in Eastern countries like Sri Lanka.

Often one finds the Western agencies including the UN – asking for qualifications that are not Sri Lankan, for positions in Sri Lanka. Where the services are humanitarian – the path is subjective and to the extent the position holder is conscious of her/his qualifications – s/he would bring the ‘certificates’ and the subjects who issued the certificates with her/him. This would block the connection with locals of different culture and therefore of different order of thought.

One who has had the experience using the resources available to her/him as an individual without portfolio at that time, in any part of the world has already travelled beyond time and place borders. Only that person is capable of providing humanitarian services – even if that person never left home. One who goes beyond place border is able to comfortably transcend the time border and v.v.

In his Sri Lanka Guardian article ‘Increasing Problems of World Refugees: An Empathy Needed’ Dr Laksiri Fernando states [“A refugee, according to the Convention, is someone who is unable or unwilling to return to their country of origin owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion.” http://www.unhcr.org/3b66c2aa10.html]

How does one prove ‘fear’ through objective outcomes? The path is therefore subjective to apply the above criterion – as it is in the case of Equal Opportunity Laws in Australia. It amounts to the belief of the assessing Administrator measuring the belief of the Refugee. Towards this the assessing Administrator ought to have had the experience in one form or the other. Often intermediaries who have had the experience connect the two. Some intermediaries make a business out of this and disturb the connection. They accumulate the karma that attracts economic migrants.

Dr. Laksiri Fernando states also ‘Patrick Peebles (The Plantation Tamils of Ceylon, p.46) says that because of the famine in South India, many Tamils were brought to Ceylon as (economic?) refugees.’

Hill country Tamils show their Indian culture more than any other sect of Sri Lankan Tamils. They were Stateless in Ceylon for a long time. If famine creates a humanitarian need how could their path be economic for them? It was economic for the British who brought them there. Likewise migrants who are recruited for cheap labour have come through the economic path for the recruiting country / institution. Those who accepted those lower positions but provided higher level service they were capable of – become wholesome citizens before their employers – due to self-employment beyond the level at which they get paid money and are allocated status as per the assessment of the employer. Above that their work is Service going direct into Ownership Energy.

Positions render our work dignity. Anyone who acts within her/his position is respectable. By raising the question ‘economic?’ the author has demonstrated lack of respect for a person who was/is entitled to ‘Humanitarian Refugee’ status.

Taking the common experience of grooming children, a young sibling close to the age of the child being cared for is likely to use the barter system to manage the child. A parent is likely to use common laws and rules to allocate rights and wrongs – so that the outcome visible to the external world is positive. A grandparent – shares her/his Truth beyond time barriers to empower the child with motivating force - through sharing that is beyond consciousness. As with the above example – only the grandparent and the grandchild are there with their natural Energies which merge to make them One. Each one needs to act as per their position to form a reliable system. The parallels of these above positions are in the immigration system also.

Administrators who work for money would recruit economic migrants. Governments that have the responsibility to show the good picture – would tend to use the laws that would bring them International status. Citizens who have had the experience and are independent of the above two are the real driving force. Migrants who are waiting on the Courts to deliver the decision are siblings working through the barter system.

Until my experiences in challenging legally after ‘internal’ measures failed - those in the higher positions in my relationships, I was acting through my position as migrant. Through the legal process I was able to draw the upper line of my relationships that would be realistically completed during my generation as a migrant. That is the maximum status that Australia was entitled to at the global level as per the higher relation. The rest is mere membership with high level society. It is not good for consumption towards quality life.

But having gone through the process and identified with that upper limit – I do not expect returns from others at my level of contribution. By accepting the limitations I became wholesome Australian. Hence I share my Energy naturally by being wholesome Australian. This was possible due to my absorption of that which cannot be cured during my time.

Every Australian who is able to ‘see’ through insight - both sides beyond cultural borders is contributing to Australia’s highest status as a managing member of the global community. Such a member’s actions would always fall within any just global law – including but not limited to UN laws.

Most systems are subjective at the lowest and highest levels. Those in the lowest level need the blessings of those in the highest levels for the whole to be sovereign. Voters therefore need the blessings of Governors. Where there is not enough energy at the top to bless new arrivals – the immigration system would become economic if it continued at the same level of activity or more.

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