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Assimilation or Integration?

| by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

( September 10, 2014, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) Truth gives us the highest order of thought from within. It has the empowering Energy due to our own work to discover the Truth and/or due to the respect we pay those who have discovered the Truth. This empowerment is beyond knowledge. It motivates and/or prevents action as needed by us. Such a mind is independent and ‘free’.

Often I ‘resigned’ from institutions and relationships due to the difficulty of rearranging my order of thinking to suit custodians of power. This often resulted in loss of earned benefits and opportunities – but I was more free to think as per my orderly system. Unless we are on our guard against such ‘infections’ we are likely to start thinking like them. Assimilation happens when we allow ourselves to be so infected. Those who maintain their own independent order of thinking promote diversity and the two systems integrate at the higher level. I believe I am contributing to such a multicultural system by first fighting against assimilation and then staying independent of such person/s in authority.

Pain is given various names by various measures and or persons. The same pain could be described as being ego pain; ignorance pain; discrimination pain etc. Laws usually guide us to describing our pain. Another measure is the purpose as per known causes. Often in counselling work – one needs to be able to use the same order of thinking as the person being counselled – to identify with and give form to the problem. The problem then needs to be raised through that hierarchy to know the solution for that particular group/person. Those who are rigid in applying their own laws, rules and customs would have difficulty with this. I had to find my own solution through the Racial Discrimination Law. The solution was to not rely on majority Australians of all races to practice Equal Opportunity principles. Where there is no expectation – there is no disappointment. This independence from that system leads to relying on Truth. Once we know the Truth of the other through our own Truth – we are responsible for our thoughts and actions – we alone.

If victims of unjust subjective discrimination seek to continue in that environment beyond the point where they could influence the other through the official system - they need to take their allocated lower position and live with lesser status in that environment (as I am doing here in Australia) or move to the area where their earned position would be naturally recognized by the person’s natural society (as often happens to me in Sri Lanka). This would prevent 9/11 type of tragedies. Now that Sri Lanka is recognized as a divided country due to race – I am conscious of allocating my status on multicultural basis and not on common basis. Likewise in Australia - after my legal actions on the basis of unlawful racial discrimination. This needs also to be done at the Government level if the nation is to save itself from natural punishments. I believe that my genuine investment in eliminating unjust subjective discrimination – naturally developed into opportunities in areas where I felt ownership and where leaders were responsible for elimination of unjust subjective discrimination. This naturally took me to global level participation in my mind and through the email system. The advantage in this ‘free system’ is that one is free of official obligations that are largely ceremonial. This is also the case with my religious activities.

Where custodians of authority act to reduce the status of minority culture – by using conclusions and judgments made through their own cultural order of thinking – they promote assimilation. This reduces the value of multiculturalism and therefore immigration itself. The effect often is to bring the purpose of immigration down to economic level - like in the case of Higher Education. The effect in both instances is poorer standards. When left unaddressed those minorities of wide differences with majority culture – but with strong memories of their parallels enjoying higher status in their countries of origin – become restless. Unless they are strongly committed to diversity – they would start practicing reverse discrimination. Hence 9/11 type of attacks which in their own minds is religious war – due to ignorance of higher common order of thoughts. Likewise Sinhala only and Tamil only groups of Sri Lanka. Some migrants dump excess money back in cultural areas to settle their development debts to the area that facilitated their economic growth.

Eventually it is about our own brain and its higher order of thought. Those who compromise on commonness for immediate benefits – lose the opportunity to enjoy high quality old age.

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