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CBK worried on possible military rule in the country

( September 20, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Former President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga has expressed fears whether a military rule would be established within Sri Lanka.

She was speaking during an interview with 'Aththa' newspaper, when asked about her opinion on the country being faced with a danger of a possible military rule.

"Even I have strong fears over this. Today even the roads are being swept by the military. Even the drains in front of my house are being cleaned by them. My greatest fear is whether they will commit a massive destruction by discarding their brooms for weapons at a crucial time when then public attempts to bring about a change," she has said.

"They are keeping an eye on the happenings of our houses. Telephones are being tapped... Reading emails... Cancelling my emails. CID and State Intelligence Service personnel are always posted in major hotels to keep tabs on who comes and goes," she has added.

"Even if a friend visits my home, intelligence officers question them the following day. I have even written during the tenure of IGP Balasuriya on this regard. Not only me. Everyone who is thought to be a person disagreeing with those in power are faced with this situation. All these things visible today are signs of a military rule," she has further said.

Sole solution?

Noting that the most suitable approach in this situation would be a united alliance from the opposition, the former President has said, adding that all progressives and public affiliates should join this.

"Only a common alliance of these parties would make it possible.

This is not a time to build fences based on party differences. All those who love the country should set aside their differences and join hands to salvage the country from the dark trench it has fallen into," she has added

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