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Dear “John the Jihadist”: Let humanity prevail

| by Nilantha Ilangamuwa

“Lies written in ink cannot disguise facts written in blood.”
― Lu Xun

( September 5, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) I know you are not going to read this, perhaps it is none of your business, how and what others are thinking about you. In fact, the most important thing for you is how to strike the neck of the Americans and their alliance with your knife.

Your anger, frustration, depression and anxiety are fully understandable, though it portrays the new form of violence of the era in which we live. You actions take us back to the meddle ages, forcing us to recall how our humans acted in those time, using brute force and vicious violence to punish others in public.

Your knife has struck the second neck of an American in public. You are ‘entertaining’ the people, feeding the media and those who are planning to join your movement as well as sending a clear message to your enemies.

You may succeed for the time being, but eventually you will die hard, you will scream hard and utter lamentations for all what you have believed in, and all you have done. at that time there will be nothing other than your conscience between you and all the violence you have tried to justify.

There are so many concerns and reactions around the globe after killing the Americans but, sadly, hardly any attention is paid to the thousands of unarmed civilians you have dispatched with your knives in Iraq and Syria.

You know all the tricks, and you gained the knowledge necessary to spread your message, but no one can see the supposed wisdom of your message. In your haste to reach your version of utopia you have neglected this simple truth.

There is no doubt that your actions are absolutely horrific, horrendous and vicious. It has shocked even the most hardened of us to see your crimes so vividly displayed on your videos.

That of course may be your goal. I know you are now used to the violence, and it is no longer a crime for you but rather a responsibility towards achieving your dream, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

However, regardless of your ideals the fact is you are swimming in pool of blood of millions of innocent lives to establish your ‘state’. Your disobedience to the state and the people in general as well on your opponents has already written a history. It is one of most vicious histories of mankind.

Should you succeed in establishing your utopia you will do so on the millions of skulls of people born on your own soil? But you care nothing of the screams and lamentations of these millions because in your jaded view point you are taking their lives in order to teach a lesson to your enemies. You are ignoring their right to a rational life with dignity and respect. And you justify their death with your customs and origins.

Our history, our present as well as our future has been ruined by those who came to our land to establish their version of “democracy”. We therefore know that they are nothing but cynical manipulation of our lives and lands. But what is it that are we ignoring?

To achieve their dreams they created puppets who were selected out of our own. They used our own people. They dress up them as real patriots and guardians of the nation. Our weaknesses were used as a tool to control the real structure of our motherlands.

The average innocent man or women cannot understand this reality in his attempt to face day to day life. Most of the innocents were on the bottom line of the hierarchy of needs but you, “John the Jihadist” are one of privileged, one of the men able to see the world, see the country, and see the future. But your knife you are using to take the lives of others is also taking their wisdom, and in the same stroke, taking yours. Wisdom to teach the great lesson to the enemy, wisdom to win the hearts and minds of your fellow humans, wisdom to achieve a real and respectful society, the wisdom to become a true son of the almighty.

At the very least not only you, but hundreds of thousand of people will have to sacrifice their life for nothing but to expand the space for our common enemy to play.

“John the Jihadist”, let humanity prevail before it is too late.

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