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Governor Kerr & Governor Chandrasiri

| by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

( September 15, 2014, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) My attention was drawn to the issue of Funds Management in Northern Province of Sri Lanka where there is a Governor appointed by the President and a Chief Minister elected by the People of Northern Province. The skills for which this Governor is recognized are military skills. If we set aside the ethnic differences - Major General G. A. Chandrasiri would naturally govern those who use weapons to manage their affairs. The Chief Minister is recognized for his leadership through the Justice system. Hence the Hon Justice C.V. Wigneswaran would naturally lead those driven by higher education and management by using law. The latter is the older heritage of Northern Sri Lanka.

As per the report forwarded to me:

‘Northern Province Governor, Major General (Retd) G. A. Chandrasiri has advised the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) to spend Rs. 1.38 billion already allocated by the government for projects beneficial to the people in the region.’

A Governor is one who shares the Energy through which s/he governs. To the extent Mr. Wigneswaran was elected by the People – he is also a governor sharing such Energy. But in addition, Mr. Wigneswaran is also an Administrator. Not so Major General G. A. Chandrasiri. Appointments of retired administrators of the Armed Forces to Governing positions within and outside Sri Lanka – including as Ambassadors – would pave the way for natural development of governance through weapons which would lead to war if developed beyond the real level needed to Defend one’s Sovereignty. The outcomes that Sri Lanka is producing confirm this at local as well as global levels.

Even if Major General G. A. Chandrasiri was sharing his military heritage with the People of North – he needs to prevent himself from actively instructing the CEO. The Chief Minister is retired in terms of his electorate but is active as Administrator. The buck stops with the Chief Minister in terms of Administration. Once we are in University – if we continue to show our High School Certificate – then we demote ourselves to the High School level in our order of thinking. We need to work for our pleasures to raise them to ‘systems’ level – where they are like savings. Beyond that we become Energy. If we keep enjoying benefits without working for them – we accumulate negative Energy. It’s this Energy that renders wealth ( money as well as Human Resource) its Heritage value. A real governor shares that Heritage value.

Northern Sri Lanka needs Democratic systems in place. Even an administrator instructing to spend the money confirms attachment to the old vertical system - of ‘Accounting’ on the basis of history. The following report confirms very little knowledge of Accrual Accounting and Activity based budgeting from zero base:

‘Chandrasiri said that he handed over the keys of a car valued at Rs. 10 million for the use of the Chief Minister of the province and another vehicle valued at Rs. 6 million for a Provincial Minister. In July this year, he had given four more vehicles.

The Governor said that the government allocated Rs. 1,87 billion to the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) for capital expenditure in 2014. Later, an additional Rs. 15.78 million was granted as a supplementary estimate.’

Under Democratic Management system – the funds should be allocated on the basis of Activity structured from zero base. The Heritage I carry in regards to this is confirmed through the following independent report by Professor Bruce Dowton who was then Dean of Medicine at the University of NSW and is now the Vice Chancellor of Macquarie University:

[On Thursday, May 14 1998, Professor Bruce Dowton wrote to Professor Merilyn Sleigh and to Professor Mark Wainwright, then the Deans of Life Sciences and Engineering respectively, on the subject of ‘Financial Service Agreement’:

‘I have had some difficulty getting John Wilding, Phil Kringas and Chris Lidbury to understand and accept my perspective on this. Medicine had a very complex set of accounts which were largely being run on cash flow basis – many thousands of individual accounts run straight from the ledger system – almost like dozens of semiautonomous small businesses. I insisted we move immediately to prospective budgeting using a modified accrual system (eventually I believe we should move to full accrual with assets on the budget as well as the operating funds). The person we hired under this arrangement with Financial Services has done a remarkable job in getting this underway in three months. Henceforth we will move to a prospective budgeting system whereby annual budgets for each School and Unit will be determined in Oct/Nov for opening on January 1. These budgets will be linked to the planning process I am launching. Gaja Paramasivam is well able to support this but is doing it by running an accounting system she has set up in the faculty office since the ledger system does not easily support this (particularly to be able to provide easy to understand operating statements using accrual on a monthly basis for all Heads of Schools and Units). In essence I am delighted with her performance.] Naan Australian – Appendix 3

I had the heritage in Democratic Public Accounting Services which transcended to Equal Opportunity Energy eventually to help me find my own independent opportunities. Energy plus outcomes are problems and opportunities. Once we lose consciousness of outcomes – the Energy be it positive or negative - is shared freely with all those who are natural with us. Such Energies are beyond the physical and the intellect. They empower us to motivate or depress. It’s these Energies that travel with us beyond time and place limitations.

We had a Constitutional crisis here in Australia due to our then Governor General Sir John Kerr failing to stay within his Governing Energy. As per Wikipedia report about Sir John Kerr:

‘During the decade of the 1950s, he joined the anti-communist advocacy group established by the United States' CIA, the Association for Cultural Freedom, joining its Executive Board in 1957………….. Sir Paul Hasluck was due to retire as Governor-General in July 1974, and the Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam, needed to find a suitable replacement. His first choice, Ken Myer, declined; he then offered the post to Mr Justice Kerr (as he then was), who accepted on condition that he could expect to have ten years in the office, and that he could represent Australia overseas as Head of State. These discussions commenced in September 1973. Kerr was announced as Governor-General-designate on 27 February 1974, by which time he had become Sir John Kerr…. Kerr saw himself as an active player in the unfolding political drama. He made it clear in several conversations with ministers that he did not accept the view that the Governor-General could play no role in the crisis until supply actually ran out: he saw it as his duty to help prevent things from getting to that stage.]

The above account clearly shows that Sir John Kerr was driven by money and status in taking up his office as Governor-General. These confirm his attachment to the physically quantifiable benefits of his work. This eventually activates the administrative system of his times enforced through the current position. This resulted in the dismissal of the government elected by the People.

The Governor of Northern Sri Lanka interfering with the Administration of duly elected Government – confirms the type of negative Energy that Sir John Kerr was carrying as Governor General. Any Administration by the Central body in Colombo needs to be through the Administrative structure – including through the Government Agent. Governor, like a grandparent has the power to empower quietly and if necessary taken on tasks through the existing structures. But the outcomes need to be through those holding official positions. The simplest example is the role of grandparent to govern the whole family. To the extent a grandparent takes credit for taking care of grandchildren – s/he is depriving the parent/s of the Administrative opportunity through structures of their generation.

Time and Place are catalysts of Change. Negative Energy through place / cultural differences, when neglected during current period would manifest as time based damage to one’s own culture. Dismissals can happen through voters also.
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