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Terrorism – Mars in the 7th House

| by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

( September 7, 2014, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) A Tamil Diaspora leader sent a message about the President’s speech during Nallur Festival in Northern Sri Lanka.

The message from the Diaspora reads as follows:

President Mahinda Rajapakse in his message on the occasion of the recent famous Nallur Murugan temple Annual festival said the following with regard to going further than what he has done by defeating terrorism and proceeding with his current socio-economic development work in the Tamil areas.

He said he will go further and will give more and more for the Tamils.


(I will) provide more and more (Innum Innum Valanguwen)
You must progress ( Neengal munnera vendum)
Your territory must progress (Ungal pirathesam munnera vendum)
Good future must emerge (Nalla Ethirkalam Uruvaga Vendum)
That is what is important (Athu Thaan Mukkiyam)

Having duped the UN Secretary General, India and the international community on the political resolution to the conflict and serious human rights issues, President Mahinda Rajapakese has gone further to make statements that are not backed by any serious initiatives except for undertaking underhand works to assimilate the Tamils to eradicate their identity altogether.
The body language and the facial expression during his speech shows downright deception of the President.
However, his comments must be taken seriously and pressures put on him to match his words with deeds.

In a recent communication about the Tigers being referred to as Terrorists by Sinhalese leaders I wrote as follows:

‘LTTE and others using weapons are given a name. The suitability of that name is as per the subject/s / institution so certifying. To the extent another subject with higher credentials/ethos in that area dismisses the charges and/or diffuses it by including as one group – in this instance the Tamils absorbing LTTE – that certificate of the past is no longer valid. One who keeps activating it is living in the past – with the ghosts.’

This applies also to Tamils activating the past out of context. Majority Hindu Tamils believe in the horoscope system. There are particular positions of the planets at the time of birth that confirm unsettled debts owed by the individual in previous births. In accounting language we call this prior period transactions. In the horoscope in Hindu Tamil culture some such debilitations are shown through Mars in the 7th house. The Sinhala Only policy of the Sri Lankan Government in the 50’s has become like Mars in the 7th house which is usually of importance in marriage. Another horoscope with Mars in the 7th house is likely to offset such debilitation. This happened through Tamil only by LTTE. Hence to me, the speech by the President was more an expression of his willingness to acknowledge the higher powers that are common to both communities even when they come in Tamil form. Lord Muruga is a Tamil Deity worshipped by Sinhalese Buddhists also. Instead of translating that in terms of current economic language – we need to acknowledge the acceptance of equal status to the languages. Status after all is above money in value. I am not able to picture this of SWRD Bandaranaike – the architect of Sinhala Only policy. Hence I conclude that the common belief has delivered this Equal Status outcome without any bloodshed during this postwar period. We must read deeper and know rather than expect to be ‘shown’ precisely.

I now realize that when we realize our sovereign powers we are able to find our own solutions. Part of that is the realization that our work is not lost but is raised to the higher level when we submit it to the highest position/person available to us at mind level. That prevents revenge and retaliation and is possible only by those who care about the whole.

Where we remember past that is made up of more negatives than positives – we live with ghosts. Where we remember past that has more positives than negatives – we live with angels. I believe that by remembering my ancestors with high level of real goodwill in our family and community – I am able to raise my current experiences to the higher level quickly. Even in terms of employment – wherever I contributed more than my position requirements and/or where I was paid less than others in similar positions – the excess value remained there and empowered me when I was in similar environments. Likewise within family. It’s like anniversaries – the reason why we are celebrating Father’s Day today. Once raised to the common – the facility is free of particular encumbrances. If indeed there are any – debts or credits - they must be confidentially settled and not brought into interfere with current environment using merit basis.

To the extent LTTE were considered Terrorists through global measures – the Sri Lankan Government and their supporters – were entitled to act to eliminate them through Due Processes. If this was continued with even after they declared victory and derived credits on that basis – at global level – that confirms lack of structure but more personal influence as individuals. It’s more trade-offs / quid pro quos. Hence that is like wrongful dismissal at the workplace using subjective powers. Those who see LTTE through current Tamils are reactivating the past. They are then saying that they used global structures inappropriately. It is the duty of the UN to ensure that victims of this lesser practice are compensated appropriately out of its own resources.

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