MR & Corruption

| by A Special Correspondent

( November 5, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Students of politics should do some field research on the scale of the corruption that permeates Sri Lankan government today. No doubt that Sri Lankan historian and political scientists would record that MR regime is one of the most corrupted regimes in the world today. More importantly one of most corrupted governments in Sri Lankan history. It is a duty of patriotic Sri Lankans to expose the degree of corruption that prevails in the country today. Thanks to Anura Kumara Desanayake who has exposed some aspects of these corruptions in recent time. In some his debates in the parliament in recent time he has indeed exposed some elements of corruption that prevail in Sri Lanka today.

JVP leader has exposed the corruptions of MPs in parliament. Some MPs have been stealing public funds in Sri Lanka for years. Yet, our police, judges and law enforcement agents are scared of MPs. They cannot take any step to stop this broad day light robberies of public money. This political dishonesty started with MR and co. No one dared to do such a day light robberies during the previous governments. Of course it was said Gamini Desanayake had one percentage commission of Mahavali projects. Yet, he did not dare to do that in public as we see today. Today MPs openly steal public money. Yet, MR and co do not care about it. Because, they have a big share of all these robberies. Consider for instance what the financial status of MR and co was before they came to politics.

MR robbed Tsunami money for his election campaign in 2005. This was well known. Former CJ acknowledged this and expressed his remorse that he did not put MR into jail for this theft. Had he jailed MR on that day he wouldn't have been president today. Consider the financial status of all siblings of MR today and those days before they came to politics. Basil used to work as a shop assistant in USA. Goata used to work as computer technician in USA with little qualifications. All other siblings, sons and relatives did not have lots of financial assets before MR became president. Today see their assets. They are today millionaires in Sri Lanka. Where did they get this amount of money? Did they grow money trees in Sri Lanka or did they print money or did they rob public money. Of course they did rob public money. Otherwise how do they get millions within these few years? Any sound person would understand this with little bit of common sense.

They accumulated this wealth within last 10 years. No doubt public money has been robbed in broad day light. They control most of government departments and ministries. They have used or misused the executive power vested on MR to rob the nation. This is indeed, similar to what Saddam or Qadafi did in their countries. One could argue that our situation is worse than those countries. The leaders of those nations were well known dictators. Yet, Ours is an elected leader who misuses his executive power to rob the nation. MR is a crafty man. He takes our constitution as a cover for all his robberies and corruption.

Today the entire family of MR and co steal the wealth of nation. They a have habit of buying people with their power and politics. Today many people are sacred of them to speak out about all these frauds and corruptions. If people reveal these they would be killed or burnished out of the country.

All talks of economic growth and development are just eye wash. These mega projects are done to rob money and a large amount of commission is taken by MPs from these projects. The Politics is a big business in Sri Lanka today. In that lucrative business MR and co made their fortunes and poor people of Sri Lanka are made to suffer. All talks of giving salary increase for public employers are nothing but eye wash. MR and co would do anything to win this election. They know well if they fail they will have a difficult time ahead in Sri Lanka. For that reason they would do all sort of tricks and stratagem to win this election.

No one dare to expose these corruptions except JVP leader. The main opposition party should have done better. You cannot expect journalists; academics and religious leaders would expose these facts, it is up to the politicians to expose these with facts and figure. We do have so called bribery commission yet, it is under control of this government.

Well done Anura Kumara Desanayake. You have won hearts and minds of millions of Lankans. You have courage and bravery to do this. You have charisma and skills to expose the dirty works of MR and co. You have sincerity and good intention to do this. We all pray for your long life and for the best of your health. If we have some more people like this great man we would have created a political history in Sri Lanka today.