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Rajapaksa’s armed guards play havoc at Montessori

( November 16, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Parents who came to drop their children at a Montessori close to a leading school near the Kandy Municipal Council were in for a rude shock on Thursday. They were told by a unit providing security to the President to take their vehicles away immediately as the President was due to pass that way.

One of the parents said he needed to park his vehicle briefly as he would have to drop his child as there was no alternative, other than parking his car there. He was threatened that if his vehicle was not taken away it would be rammed with one of their buses.

The parent, who holds a senior position in the private sector shot back that if they resorted to that action he would take it up with “higher authorities”.
He was in for more surprise when he saw the security personnel with their firearms entering the Montessori where the children were already in to carry out security checks. “There is no harm in searching the place for the sake of the security of the President, but they need not carry weapons into a Montessori,” a parent remarked.

Courtesy: The Sunday Times

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