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Scottish Take No Crap

| by Helasingha Bandara

( November 2, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The English take the Mickey out of the Scottish claiming that the Scottish are more of brawn than of brain. At times that brawn comes handy. Wherever they are, the Scottish do not take crap from people like Malaka Silva. The story could be that the diminutive but lecherous Malaka cold have poured saliva over the pretty girlfriend of the Scotsman. He must have approached the girl in that indecent, depraved, uncultured manner of the youth of Sri Lanka today. Those guys do not know the world and they have not seen how decent people approach a woman. So they think that their macho approach would win a woman. This writer has no doubt that the Scotsman would have stood his ground to protect his girlfriend from abuse and sexual harassment and in that process may have thumped the ugly little brat of Mervin Silva. It is no surprise that those unruly sons of politicians are surrounded by many bone suckers. They must have assaulted the foreign couple having numbers in their favour. I bet if the little sucker faced the Scotsman on his own he could have been a pulp by now.

This is one virus that the Rajapaksha regime is grooming to be a politician to govern this country, what a terrible mistake it can be! There is no end to the thirst for good looking women in this thug’s brain until one day, without doubt, someone takes that brain matter out. Those people can survive only in a cesspool like Sri Lanka where there is no rule of law, no democracy, no fair play, no discipline and on the part of people no brain.

“ We people are the masters of congress and the courts. We are here not to overthrow the constitution, but to overthrow the people who pervert the constitution” (Abraham Lincoln). Does this ever apply to Sri Lanka? I doubt!

We Love our country, certainly not who rule it, certainly not a section of the society who exploit and rob its wealth and to do so use numerous means of evil. We still call this land a blessed land. Are we from the blessed land or are we a blessed nation?

Without an iota of doubt, it can be proclaimed that the Scotsman comes from a blessed country and a blessed nation. Although the English ridicule the Scottish for their bravery, the English used to send the Scottish to the battle front all the time when they went on conquering the world. I am here to remind all of them that the Scottish are not only brawn but brain too. If we look at who changed the world for the better forever, they come from this tiny nation of now five million people. The following few and many more from this nation revolutionized the way of life of human beings forever. The world should worship them and celebrate their lives.

James Watt, a Scotsman, invented steam engine which revolutionized industries and transport. Alexander Graham Bell, the great Scotsman Invented telephone and his compatriot John Logie Baired invented Television and those inventions have made the world too small in terms of communication. If not for Alexander Fleming, another great Scotsman who discovered Penicillin, the world could not be the same. Other Scotsmen like Kirkpatrick Macmillan-bicycle, John Boyd Dunlop -Modern Tyre, James Black- Beta Blockers, James Young Simpson- Chloroform, William Murdoch –Gas lighting etc are another few great Scotsmen, the list is endless. Those are the blessed people and they belong to blessed lands and nations. Not Malaka or Mervin Silvas, neither the Rajapakshas.

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