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Seven Reasons Why We Cannot Trust MR

| by A Special Correspondent 

( November 15, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) There are hundreds of reasons why we cannot trust MR and co any more. I will briefly outline some of these reasons in seven points.

1) Nepotism: unlike previous presidents MR has introduced a new kind of nepotism into politics in Sri Lanka. The entire of family of MR controls Sri Lankan government today in each and every department. This family domination in this way is unprecedented in Sri Lankan politics. The country is descending into family and family dictatorship same like in some Middle Eastern and African countries. This is a dangerous trend and this would not help our nation in a long run and this may pay the way into political unrest and violence. Look at what Modi did in his inauguration ceremony. Even his relatives were invited for that. What a good example is that. JR and CB did try to keep away family members from politics and we need to clean politics from corruption. Because of this family domination public no longer trust MR and co.

Courtesy: The Economist
2) Corruption: it is well known that MR and co are most corrupted politicians in Sri Lankan history: Do you need any evidence for this. Please listen to JVP leader’s recent speeches and he gives enough evidence and proofs to justify this point. We do not need any further elaboration for this. This is self-evidence in MR and his family. They came to politics without any wealth and money now they are some of riches in the country. Whose money they robbed, it is your money and it is public money? For this reason we cannot trust MR and co any more

3) Miscarriage of justice and perverting course of justice. MR has interfered into legal system of this country and he controls judiciary and SC of Sri Lanka. It is reported that SC judges gave verdict in his favour under duress. It is well known how judiciary is controlled by MR and co. Hundreds of cases could be cited to prove this point. For his reason as well public cannot trust MR and co. This is unprecedented in Lankan history. The executive presidency and judiciary should function independently and President or politicians should not have any role or interference in the judiciary of the country and yet, MR has interfered many times and in many cases. So people cannot trust him any longer

4) Favouritism for his relatives, friends and supporters: 

MR made a mockery of parliament systems and particularly senior MPs are made to be slaves to MR and his family. Many MPs lost their respects and dignity and made to bow down even to his sons and siblings. You could cite many incidents. This did not happen in previous governments. Even MR respected his cabinet ministers and gave full freedom to function freely and independently and yet today MPS are like salves in front of sons and the siblings of MR and so.

MR has promoted many people who support him. He gave diplomatic jobs for some of his supporters. Some of his army officers are being given diplomatic posts without any experience and knowledge while many professionally qualified people are left out. This is done not in the national interest of our country rather in his personal political interest. Hundreds of cases can cited for this type of mismanagement of our human resources in Sri Lanka. For this reason we cannot trust him any longer. This could have far reaching consequences in our administrative and diplomatic services and Sri Lankan may lose a team of professional trained people and their potentiality because of this stupidity of MR and co. For this reason, many high ranking professionals and diplomatists do not like MR and co.
5) Mega projects are utter failure. Most of these mega projects MR has done are publically motivated projects and I do not think that most of our economists, experts and academics would agree with what MR has done in these projects. All his mega projects are utters failures. His port and airport projects are utter failure. Some of his express ways are utter failures and waste of money. All thee projected are done from money that borrowed from China. China is not doing a charity work in Sri Lanka rather it is making money out these projects. Lots of commissions are taken by some MPs out these projects. I do not think that he sought experts’ advice before he did these projects. Moreover his foreign policies are utter failure. He has isolated Indian in his unconditional favour to china. This could create long term problems with India. For this reason, I do not think educated people would trust him and his policies.

6) Tamil issues are not resolved:

He promised that he would resolve Tamil problems but for the last ten years has done nothing to resolve this problem. This is not good for Sri Lankan stability in long runs and he has done nothing constructively to solve this problem. Tamil and minority people do not have any trust on him and BBS is nothing but creation of his Bro Goata and yet he done nothing to ban it or stop its activities. I do not think that this time minorities would vote him at all. I do not think that they trust him at all.

7) He does not have academic background to guide the country: you do not need to be an academic to be a cleaver president and yet, you need to have experts and intellectuals and professionals around you to advise you in matters of important issues. I do not think MR and his siblings got a good team of advisors around them. MR is like a parrot and he does not take decisions rather it is reported by some American diplomatists his brothers are taking decisions on his behalf on crucial issues. Do we need such a puppet leader for Sri Lanka? All what he wants to do is enjoy his life with foreign trips and luxury life in his palace. He wants to stay in power till he dies. For that he reasons he will do all what he could do to save his post. Can we trust such leader?

This crafty MR is trying to fool his political opponents and opposition parties. People who trusted him already know how he has dealt with them. It is the nature of presidential election to make a lot of promises until he secures a win. Once he has done that people will have to beg him. We know well that how many times he promised to resolve Tamil issue and yet for the last 10 years Tamil people are still suffering. How many political detainees are in jail without any formal enquires or court appearing. This time he is trying to fool all small parities. 

He is now trying to buy people as many as possible. There was a gossip he was trying to buy Sarath Fonseka and there is also a rumour that he was trying to buy Mangala Samaraweera. MR would buy any one from opposition to protect his power and position. He is a crafty and shrewd political thug and he will do anything to protect his post.

TNA, Muslim congress and some other party maintain silence until now and they have not yet decided whether to support him or not in coming presidential election. They are waiting to see which way people support goes. They are in a difficult situation. They want to support whoever is going to win election. All of them have some demands and conditions to support MR. As a cunning fox MR would agree for all these conditions and demands until he wins his third term. Once he secured the third term victory he will not honour any agreements he made with small parties. This we know from his behaviours and actions so why TNA and MC should support him. Because if do not do that they will put their life in danger. That is why many people do not come out against MR yet, I hope that soon many people come out and speak out against MR and co soon. I think that MR did a political suicide when he took his relatives on board with him in politics.

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