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Pakistan: Span of 13 years the Missing of Ali Asghar Bangulzai

Farooq Bangulzai talks about his missing father. PHOTO: INP
| by Mansoor Baloch

( November 8, 2014, Karachi, Sri Lanka Guardian) 13 Years have completed the enforced disappearance of Mr. Ali Asghar Bangulzai. He was abducted along with his friend 5ec22f4c-ec0f-9511Mohammad Iqbal Bangulzai on October 18, 2001. Subsequently, his comrade Iqbal was released 14 days later but theirs father is still in custody of the secret agencies. Speaking to a press conference at Quetta press club said Ghulam Farooq, the elder son of missing yearly Ali Asghar Bangulazai, the chairman of Voice for Baloch Missing Persons was also present at occasion.

Farooq said, “For last 13 years they have been striving peacefully for the safe recovery of theirs father Ali Asghar Bangulzai, who was the only bread winner of entire kinfolk. Following the abduction of Mr Bangulzai, the aggrieved family is suffering from psychological trauma, financial problems and they remained deprived of education, health and likewise the fundamental rights. Every day, moment and on eve of each celebration, they miss their severed father a lot.

From 2002 till 2006, Mr Bangulzai case was under-trial at Balochistan High Court and other institutions which were established with purpose to provide justice the public. In 2007, the family of Mr Bangulzai sued a constitutional petition in Supreme Court of Pakistan, albeit they are not redressed with justice by passed including present regimes and state institutes.

The son of Mr Bangulzai informed that they ever shunned to assail but protested continuously peacefully and this attitude could not bend the institutes to justness.

It is question to human rights organizations, government and state departments which have been brought inexistence to provide justice but Ali Ashaghar Bangulzai and his family denial to this fundamental right, exterminates the mentioned organization’s basic essence.

He further stated that if his father has committed any crime, so he is to be produced before the court and sentenced according to prevailing laws. As it is not allowed by religion and civilized societies ethics, even that constitution of the Pakistan does not permit that someone be kept in torture cells and torture this inhuman way, besides this the enduring’s family be kept unaware from his fate. The human laws define that family members of a victim must be informed about his condition and accused also be given right to defend legally.

Ghulam Farooq said that for the last 13 years, they have been striving against injustices and they are determined will continue their struggle.

He appealed to the United Nations, human rights organizations, civil society groups and people of all walks of life to play their due role for the recovery of Mr Bangulzai and other Baloch missing persons in order to disposal of human obligations.

To summing-up the conference, the Chairman Voice for Baloch Missing Persons Nasurullah Baloch informed that in the time of present government, 400 people have gone to miss and 150 decomposed bodies of missing persons are found from different areas of the province. In the past governments, the mutilated bodies of missing persons were identified by help of an inscribed piece of paper attached with cadaver, which could facilitate about identification of slain. Contrary to predecessor, in the time of present government, Balochs are being abducted and later on their bullet riddled bodies are being found which are completely decomposed and families of the victims cannot identify whether dead is their loved one or it is someone else.

The Chairman of VBMP elaborated that cited figure is excluding the Tutak incident of mass graves, and government has completely failed to ascertain the reasons of this malicious incident.

At the end of conference, the Chairman VBMP said that they will produce the list of missing persons and extra judicially killed at the end of this year to media persons and other organizations.

Source: Bolan Voice

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