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Maithripala Sirisena: Full text of the Manifesto

| by Maithripala Sirisena

( December 19, 2014,m Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) First of all I wish you a future in a society where compassion reigns. I am contesting the Presidential election after renouncing the responsible Ministerial portfolios I held as the General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and after ignoring the premiership that was dangled before me, despite the threat to my life and that of my family in order to liberate my noble motherland and all its people from the tragic fate that has befallen them.

I would like to pay my homage to all members of the Buddhist Sangha who aspire to create a patriotic and moral society as well as to all religious dignitaries of Hindu, Islamic and Christian faiths who are committed to a civilized society for committing themselves to support my candidature. I salute leaders and members of all political parties including the Leader of the Opposition who have united to achieve a single national objective leaving aside their party differences, symbols, colours etc. I also salute my colleagues who joined me in order to free the Sri Lanka Freedom Party from the clutches of a single family. I reciprocate with friendship the fraternal support I receive from all social activists and volunteer organizations who have dedicated their lives to the wellbeing of the oppressed people including peasants, workers and fisher-folk, to the interests of the professional community including medical,

engineering and accountancy professionals, to the cause of women, children and those with special needs, on behalf of the future generations and for the protection of the environment.

It is true that there was corruption and fraud always. However, the extent of corruption in Sri Lanka in the last few years is unprecedented and unheard of before. Now the time has come when all main political parties could be united for a joint programme to build the country.

Read full text of the manifesto here;

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