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Should India Allow Freedom To Decry Gandhiji And Praise Godse ?

| by N.S.Venkataraman

( December 20, 2014, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) It is extremely sad and disquieting that some hot heads in India have now become so bold to decry Mahatma Gandhi and hail Godse and appreciate his act of shooting down Mahatma Gandhi.

While our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has repeatedly admired Mahatma Gandhi in his public speeches , it is intriguing that the hot heads have started expressing such obnoxious views after more than sixty years of Mahatma Gandhi passing away and particularly after Mr. Modi becoming the Prime Minister of India.

In India today, several politicians and religious extremists use all sorts of abusive language and make insulting remarks in the name of freedom of expression. Even Mahatma Gandhi has now become a victim of such conduct and behaviour of these hot heads.

There is no need to defend Mahatma Gandhi in the light of such criticism against him by some motivated extremists , as Mahatma Gandhi’s life of love , truth and struggle for peace is known all over the world and very well recognised.

What is surprising and painful is that such abusive language against Mahatma Gandhi are allowed to be made by the Government of India with Mr. Modi as Prime Minister. So far, Mr. Modi has not reacted to such developments . While it is true that Prime Minister need not react by giving his views on every one of such disquieting statements, his government has to necessarily act and put down these elements immediately.

While healthy criticisms and debates should always be welcomed and it would even be appropriate to be critical of policies and programmes of Mahatma Gandhi, if one would have such views, it is certainly very deplorable to hail someone who has been responsible for shooting down Mahatma Gandhi and for justifying such actions. Such observations have the effect of underlying all the values that the country has stood for during the last more than sixty years after independence.

Mr. Modi who is trying hard to improve the administration of the country and implement development plans with passion now stands criticised for being too tolerant towards the people who have gone to the extent of justifying Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination. Mahatma Gandhi said that a man of truth should also be a man of care. Mr. Modi who is truly an admirer of Mahatma Gandhi should also be careful not to give an impression to the country men that he would tolerate even the statements justifying assassination of Mahatma Gandhi who is always viewed by millions of Indians as Father of the Nation.

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