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Sri Lanka: Mr. President; Time To Pack Your Stuffs

| by Rifai

( December 31, 2014, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Mr President now your time in office is over. People have made up their minds to vote for Maithri. You have had some good times in your office. 20 Million People in Sri Lanka admired you when you defeated LTTE. Your name and fame will be recorded in Sri Lankan history. No doubt about it. You played your part in the liberation of the country from the grip of LTTE. Yet, your political career comes to an abrupt end. I think that it is your fault. You should blame yourself for your downfall. You had two years ahead of you in your office and yet, you decided to hold this election two years before due date. I think it is a terrible mistake. Now it is too late. Your downfall would be a self-inflicted destruction. Unlike JR, CKB, or R. PEREMADASA you did not have self-discipline in your rule. JR, CKB and R.P all had some sort of discipline in their life. Nobody could play around JR or R. P. they had a discipline in their office. It is reported that RP would wake up at 4 am. This means he had some discipline in his office. It shows that he was a dedicated and hardworking leader. How many trips they would have made during their time in office. May be less than 10. How many trips you have made during the last five years of your office. May be more than 100 times. All at the expenses of public money and some trips with your jumbo cabinet members. People know all these your luxurious life style.

President Rajapaksa speaking at the gathering of the young professionals from a range of sectors to eat foods from the 'Dansala' at Temple Trees yesterday.
People around you managed to play round with you. Most of the times you did not make crucial decisions rather your siblings made decisions on your behalf. Grease Yaka ordeal, BBS ordeal, roaming of drug dealers, disintegration of judiciary system in Sri Lanka all these implicate how people around you managed to play around you. Otherwise, you did not have control over these things or you did not bother about these. The widespread corruption and mismanagement of public fund and national resource all these happened because you did not have discipline in your post. One could contend that you left the country in the hands of your siblings and you enjoyed your life in foreign trips. It is often said too many cooks spoiled the soup. The same parlance may be applied to your second term in your office. It is not cabinet ministers who made crucial decisions rather your siblings. It is shame that our senior ministers are humiliated at the hands of your siblings. How many times your siblings and sons bullied government officials and ministers in the last five years. It is your lack of disciple in your office that paved the way for people’s wrath upon you. Today you have to blame yourself for your power is vanishing away from you. While your downfall is looming and imminent your opponent’s luck is booming. I think that his discipline, humbleness, politeness and sense of humour along with his political reformation ideas to clean up your political mess ups, attract people towards him in millions.


Despite all your dirty tricks, the dramatic support is increasing for Maithri across the country. From South to North and West to East, people are increasingly supporting Maithri today than few weeks ago. It is high time now for all who have been hesitating to cross over to jump into the wining boat of Maithri camp now rather than later. I think that many people in the ruling party should think twice right now to make up their minds. Some people are still with you for some personal reasons, some people are with you for some legal reasons and some others are with you for their protection and safety. Now time has come to make their minds. Maithri waves are penetrating each and every village today. Maithri gets unprecedented support today than ever before.

Today people no longer think in any communal, or ethnic line rather all communities Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims and others want to liberate the country from the grip of your family dictatorship. The entire political culture has to be reformed and changed once again. I think that this election is a historical election since Sri Lanka got the independence. Why is that? Because, we do not have any systematic government in place rather we have a chaotic family dictatorship that controls all government departments, judiciary, armed forces and entire government apparatus. This is unprecedented in our history. Today there is no accountability or responsibility on the part of ruling family for all their economic blunders and mistakes. Today people are ready to make a change in politics. Today opposition parties are well organised and they are united. They are ready to give a good political leadership.

All latest election forecasts tell us Maithri is leading far ahead of you. I shall give this statistics to illustrate the increasing gap between you and Maithri. It is reported that Maithri will get more than 62% vote this time. The breakdown of vote bank in percentage has been made in the following format.

1) UNP (United national party) 34%.
2) JHU ( Jathika Hela Urumaya: 4%
3) DP ( Democratic party) 4%
4) TNA ( Tamil National alliance 6%
5) SLMC ( Sri Lanka Muslim congress 5%
6) JVP ( Jvatha Vimukthi Peramuna: 7%
7) UPFA: united people freedom party 2%

Moreover, there are some other forecasts which predict that Maithri may get more than 55% percentage or more. There are some other predications which indicate that Maithri may get more than 64% percentage of votes. All other online surveys indicate that Maithri will get a landslide victory. Given the large numbers of crossovers in recent days there is no doubt that Maithri will have a comfortable victory. Moreover, today Tamil people are really fade up and they want to live in peace. Tamil political leadership too wants to find some sort of amicable solutions for their problems. They do not have any hope and faith in MR at all. They hope that Maithri will be more sensible man to negotiate and work with. I think that overwhelmingly majority of Tamils in North and East will vote for Maithri. Overall Sinhalese people are frustrated with family politics of MR. They are very keen to see a real change. So it can be said that Maithri’s victory is somewhat assured and guaranteed. People are the centre and foundation of democracy. It is people who choose the right candidate for the political leadership.

Mr President. The Political leadership is a trust and covenant between the leader and people. People gave you this mandate in trust and good faith that you will honour your promises and words. Yet, you have utterly failed for the last five years. Today people have decided to send you home. Now it is people who make decisions on your political career and on the future of this nation. You have earned the wrath and anger of people. It would be advisable for you to leave the office with dignity and respect. It would be better for you in the early morning of 9/1/2014 to concede the defeat with some sense of human respect rather than thinking some alternative mechanism to cling on power.

Mr President it would be a historical mistake to plot for any military coup in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka. We hope that you will pack bag and baggage soon with respect. Your political career would become an unforgettable epoch in the history of Sri Lanka.

Thank you very much for your dedicated or undedicated service for the last ten years in Sri Lanka.

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