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Dayan is a diabolical liar

| by Upasiri de Silva
Views expressed in this article are author own

( January 6, 2015, Sydney, Sri Lanka Guardian) I prefer not to use this heading to describe a well-educated academic like Dayan Jayatilleka, who served as the Permanent Representative for Sri Lanka at Geneva, Human Rights Commission and later as the Ambassador for Sri lanka in France and UNICEF.

Then Dayna joined the protest organized against the killings of innocents in Waliweriya by The Rajapaksa government.
But after listening to his discussion on Derana 360 digress programme, I thought this is the best way to describe him, as he uttered lies to mislead voters in the forthcoming Presidential election. He told the person who conducted the discussion that as soon as Maithreepala Sirisena win this Presidential election, they will hand over Mahinda Rajapakse for WAR crimes committed during the LTTE war and he will be taken away from Sri Lanka the following day, as they did to the PM Milosevic in Kosovo. Now Dayan Jayatilleka, admits Mahinda Rajapakse committed war crimes during the LTTE war and the investigators may be eager to know the truth from him. Is he trying to tell the world Rajapakse Government committed War Crimes and as such they should be punished? Is he working for the Tamil diaspora and the others shouting that the GOSL and the Sri Lankan Army committed war crimes, when such things never took place?

What are War Crimes?

War crimes are crimes committed against the mankind and the UNCHR and the UN Security Council should indict a person after a very long process to charge that person for war crimes. Mahinda Rajapakse is not indicted or charge for any war crimes, but the UNCHR is trying to establish the accountability for the deaths of civilians during the war with LTTE, as many Tamils are seeking some truth about the missing relatives. The accountability process is not yet undertaken by the UNCHR as the Sri Lanka government is not cooperating with the UN agency even after Mahinda Rajapakse has signed a treaty to establish such an investigation with the SG-UN.

To establish a War Crime tribunal the investigators needs evidence and to collect evidence it takes time and according to the law the evidence should be not adulterated or evidence should not be from unknown sources. If there is no case file against Mahinda Rajapakse up to now and the UNCHR has not completed a War crime investigation against anyone in Sri Lanka, how can the incoming President Maithreepala Sirisena handover Mahinda Rajapakse to members of the International War Crime Tribunal the day after he becomes the President.

Dayan Jayatilleka is an experienced Diplomat (according to him) who used to work with the UNCHR and is aware of the procedures of handling war crime investigations. It is true that Dayan is not a Lawyer, but when one work with a world body they come to understand the way that world body acts on such war crime investigations.

The present President of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta was charged for war crime after the last general election, and the process took so long to indict him at the War Crimes Tribunal. At the end Uhuru Kenyatta was acquitted from all the charges as the charges were not meeting the International War Crimes requirements. When the UN brought War crimes against the Rwandan President and many others, some were charged and others were acquitted as there were no charges, meeting the International obligations.

Why Dayan Jayatilleka uttered these diabolical lies as true information while discussing the 2015 Presidential Election. The rumours are floating that Dayan Jayatilleka met the Common candidate and discussed his future with him if he support him to win the election. Mr. Sirisena has told Dayan he will consider his request after discussing this with other members of the coalition. But Dayan wanted the position of Foreign Minister of the Maithreepala Sirisena Cabinet, but Maithreepala refused this request as the coalition has already selected a very capable person, better than Dayan Jayatilleka, for that position. Since that day Dayan use his Political Scientist label to mislead the voting public at every interview to obstruct Maithreepala election propaganda machine.

Recently someone clearly describe Dayan Jayatilleka as a Phoney Political scientist after listening to his discussion in another programme call Athulanthaya. Dayan Jayatilleka is a diabolical liar and misleading people uttering false rumours. Under the Sri Lankan Law, misrepresentation of true facts is a crime punishable by Law.

Will Dayan Jayatilleka be subjected to any charges under the new government if elected, for all his misrepresentations of true facts?

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