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Exclusive: LTTE- Rajapaksa nexus exposed

Kannan , a LTTE activist lightening the traditional oil lamp in an event in the University of Peradeniya, Kandy. Anti-terrorism guru is beside him.
( January 7, 2015, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Few hours left to the D-day, where the people in Sri Lanka going to elect their next leader. Here is a shocking story on the incumbent president Rajapaksa and his connection with LTTE.

The President Rajapaksa is maintaining his modus operandi with LTTE while being a “patriotic son” of the motherland is now became an open secret.

He is Kannan also known as Selva , Upan, who joined the LTTE in early 1980s and later became a prominent front line LTTE activist in UK. Apart from his activities he was also involved in human smuggling. He was the man behind who facilitated LTTE delegations during the peace talks in Europe.

The reliable sources learnt, after the elimination of LTTE he was in-charge of the media of the Nediyavan faction. He has developed various websites and web radios for anti-Sri Lanka propaganda. Therefore, he was handed over those media outlets to interested parties upon his arrival to Sri Lanka recently.

Who is the driving force behind his travel to Sri Lanka?

He is non-other than the Professor and well known counter terrorism “expert” Rohan Gunaratna.

“Rohan Gunaratna took him there and introduced him to the professors as a businessman from London,” sources said.

“When I came to know this tragic situation, I inquired it from the local authority. Then I was told that they did not know about his arrival,” a well-known anti-LTTE Tamil activist based in Europe said.

Kannan was fortunate to taking part of the defense seminar in 2013 organised by the Ministry of Defence, Colombo.

Many media raised their voice on his participation, but the Army said that Rohan Gunaratne has brought him to the seminar without their knowledge.

Now he is permitted to move freely around the island and given many facilities to do illegal businesses such as sand mining. For his illegal sand business, he has even put cutouts throughout peninsula too very openly and earning millions a month. In the photo below please see the banner. In this banner says "for immediate sand, call immediately to NEITHAL sand selling center.

Very dangerous part of this business is that he has chosen the same name NEITHAL which was used by the Sea Tigers for maritime related businesses.

Unfortunately the intelligent service has made them blind, deaf as well as dumb in this regards. Nevertheless. Those who tried to take necessary action against him had been dismantled.

Under the name of Neithal there were;
  • Fiber Board manufacturing factories in Salai, Pokenai and Puthukudiyiruppu
  • Sea food export center in Nachikuda
  • Various outlets throughtout Vanni
  • Neithal Publications

The Neithal office is now in Nelliyadi from where he is selling sand to Tamil people, including the Maheswary foundation which is being criticized for illegal land business. There are two stories about the land slot; one is that Minsiter Devananda has given slot while taking million worth ransom from Kannan; second is the key player of government has forced Devananda to give him the slot.

Mahinda Rajapaksa’s election campaign is being taken place in the same Neithal office. In pictures below you can see the UPFA general secretary Premajayantha doing his propaganda activities in Neithal.

Our question, is this regime having honeymoon with LTTE or facing threat from the LTTE? They talk about channel 4 and other war crimes accuse but the man who is there is believed to be one among those who provided those evidenced to the international community.

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