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Sri Lankan Prime Minister against the Russian Defence Deal


by Our Political Editor

( March 22, 2018, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Prime Minister Ranil Wicramasinghe has expressed his displeasure over again and again towards the suggested Russian Defence Deal in which the Government of Sri Lanka was planning to buy a Offshore Patrol Vassal, Geopard 5.1, and few more defence related equipment, a reliable source wishes to keep the identity anonymity in the Prime Minister’s office, has told the Sri Lanka Guardian.

Prime Minister Wickramasinghe, who is now on the knife edge over the no-confidence motion against him submitted before the speaker of the Parliament, said to be raised his voice against this deal while comparing the defense deals so far completed with the countries such as India at the lower rate.

Meanwhile, “He has been targeted by certain private media entity over the last two years. The bottom line is that, the particular media company is the one which is behind this defence deal,” the source added.

According to the sources in Moscow, “What we heard is something new to compared with the history. The Federal Service of Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC), for the first time, is working towards accomplishment of the deal, along with the Rosoboronexport. This is very first time that FSMTC has been involved in such a deal.”

In our earlier report, we have exposed [ Read here] that the team of Rosoboronexport has conducted a special meeting in Singapore recently where officials from the company urged the local third party on the urgency of completion of the deal.

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