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Bangladesh: ‘The scapegrace will never listen to a moral lecture’

Justice is conscience, not a personal conscience but the conscience of the whole humanity. Those who clearly recognise the voice of their own conscience usually also recognise the voice of justice.

by Anwar A. Khan

( April 2, 2018, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) Famed columnist Paul Craig Roberts has aptly written, “Integrity has vanished from the West” and his enounces are consistent with fact or reality when we get a line of gabble from the mouth of a British lawyer Lord Alex Carlile. His parents, Jewish refugees from Poland, both converted to Christianity, but he is proud of his "100 per cent Jewish ancestry" and is a strong supporter of Israel. Nameless, faceless about Bangladesh and its people, and devoid of actual proof of how he, like an evil solicitor, has learnt what he knows about Bangladesh’s history of birth, genocide committed by the unwarranted and un-called for and brutal Pakistani military dictators and their local accomplices during our glorious Liberation War in 1971. Their ghosts and goblins are still pursuing the same policy of extermination of our people and to make Bangladesh an infernal region. People of our country during the years 2013 to early 2015 again saw their heightened degree of ferocities to bring Bangladesh back to the Medieval Ages. That strip cartoon Lord was previously appointed by Bangladesh’s notorious war criminals’ nexus living at home and abroad as their international lobbyist to inflict colossal damage to the trial procuresses being conducted by the International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) of Bangladesh and our people, thus to save those criminal gangsters. This jackass made a crusade in the international arena in the yesteryear to garner support in his foldable to fulfill his dexterous and malevolent schema to save the worst malefactors of our 1971 war with Pakistan. He has still been questing for the same course of mendacious idiocy. He is now an appointive of a venal and uncouth politician and is in vapidity of buoyant temper to give legal beagles to his debauch client in Bangladesh who has no fealty to this country.

I, being a proud son of an illustrious and lucent lawyer with high ethical standards of his legal profession during the British regime in the Indian sub-continent, am writing this piece and know advancing the common law and the finest traditions of legal philosophy would be the moral calling of a Counselor-at-law and to emphatically uphold the honour and dignity of the legal profession and the highest standards of ethical conduct and integrity. Carlile’s standing posture of a lawyer is barren with all norms of ethical conduct and integrity. In fact, he has been doing his jobs only to receive bounty in huge amount from his clienteles flinging to ethical and moral principles of legal profession and misusing his office as a member in the House of Lords in Britain, the house that condemned the genocide in Bangladesh in 1971, the British government, its people, even the British media condemned it.

Let me not be thought as intending anything derogatory to the profession of the law, or to the distinguished members of that illustrious order. Well am I aware that we have in this country innumerable worthy gentlemen, who go about redressing wrongs and defending the defenseless, not for the love of filthy lucre, nor the selfish cravings of renown, but merely for the pleasure of doing good. Sooner would I throw this trusty pen into the flames and cork up my ink bottle forever, than infringe even for a nail’s breadth upon the dignity of legal profession. On the contrary, I allude merely to those caitiff scouts who, in these latter days of evil, infest the skirts of the profession, as did the recreant Cornish knights of yore the honourable order of chivalry who under its auspices, commit flagrant wrongs, who thrive by quibbles, by quirks and chicanery, and like vermin increase the corruption in which they are engendered.

Justice is conscience, not a personal conscience but the conscience of the whole humanity. Those who clearly recognise the voice of their own conscience usually also recognise the voice of justice. We are in the know that dignity and respect of character are springing from probity, principle, or moral rectitude. Be we can’t embellish the rogue Alex with the laurel wreaths like respect, value, esteem, prize, appreciate, admire, worship, adore, revere, glorify, reverence, exalt, venerate…Good always has to triumph over evil, and a respect for the law and order establishment has to be encouraged. Carlyle, as if belonging to the Middle Ages; old-fashioned and unenlightened, he may be the resident of an infernal region and operates his fit out in that realm, not in Bangladesh.

He is the reigning champ of anti-heroes and anti-heroines with his so-called scruples. He is also an extremely evil character who sees the world in only in his own form of evil… He reminds me of the butchers’ group who recognises on some level that he is evil. He knows that what he is doing is not only criminal, it is morally wicked – and he doesn't care for that. He lives every moment under a few fatalistic assumptions, mainly that he is as good as dead and that he is as evil as damned. Anti-heroes and anti-heroines are defined as anyone who fails to measure up to the heroic standard. What makes LA Carlile an anti-hero by our standards in modern-day Bangladesh is that he has no regard for human life. He is ruthless and merciless. Essentially, he is another villain that needs to be stopped. Why? Is it because we pity his loss? Is it because we as law-abiding citizens have no need to fear his wrath? Is it because he is so creative in the ways he offs good guys? Or is it because he realises that the Bangladesh’s justice system is so inefficient and corrupt that his brand of vengeance is the only kind of justice that the most powerful criminals will ever see? He is absolutely wrong, daffy and haywire!

This is why he reflects the most opaque tones of our society. He represents hopelessness. Everything is so corrupt that the only way to stop monsters is to become colossi ourselves. The ends justify the means, no matter how badly it erodes our souls. For some reasons, it draws a lot of fans. Perhaps there are a lot of people out there who are so despondent and grim that they think he is the only hero in crimes who reflects realism. Are misery and merciless vengeance unleashed by him are the only real values left for Bengalis? I don't think so. To his followers-clients, moral codes are a hindrance to justice. Justice, to them, has nothing to do with being good or right and everything to do with being fair, e.g., those who commit horrible atrocities forfeit their basic human rights and will not be coddled by bleeding-heart liberals. The problem with approving of Carlile is that we will ultimately succumb to his nihilism. If this is how we want our society to be – vigilantes deciding who is good and who is evil and executing the wicked. Don't forget that 6 worst war criminals executed people whom they believe deserved it. He is not to be applauded for having the guts to do what needs to be done, but to be observed as a cautionary tale.

He must be a hero who will always strive to live by a strong moral code, but Carlile doesn’t. Light or dark? Which is most relevant? The legal profession is to shape the moral codes of our favourite superheroes. Creators have felt the need for heroes to retain their moral imperatives, but their justification for these beliefs becomes thinner over the years, as more fans seem to see the moral imperative as a hindrance instead of an asset. Public ideas about where perfect north is on the moral compass have changed in that Alex, the person in himself.

Mythology illuminates mankind's ideas about religions, values, and cultures. Most people have a passing familiarity with the mythologies of classical Greek and Roman canons. They played a role in how western civilisation developed. While those mythologies still resonate today, the new mythology for the modern world is superheroes. These are the new myths that tell us about ourselves as a society and reflect our values back to us, and these myths have been shaped by the civilisation for decades.

Yes. That's why the moral code is so important. In an age of moral relativism, our myths can still anchor a perfect north for our moral compasses. Just because we are adults doesn't mean we can't hold ourselves to a standard that's higher than where we are at. But, you might be thinking, how can we seriously evaluate complex, real-life problems like law and order and the sanctity of human life by comparing ourselves to imaginary people who live in imaginary worlds like Carlile? The conclusion to this one should be obvious because Carlile eventually reverts to villainy. His idea of law and order was tyrannical. What might have begun with the intention to help others eventually led him to make decisions that merely accomplished goals, but not help people. Undoubtedly, our prosecution lawyers are an effective crime fighter…

So yes, it would make sense to kill …gang because as long as they are alive, they are just going to keep killing, but real mass murderers don't cycle in and out. They always escape, and they always murders innocent people.

Like I mentioned above, most real-life lunatics often die in the course of committing their crimes. Others who do get caught go to prison and they don't come out. Timothy McVeigh never escaped to challenge his arch-nemesis one more time; he just went straight to the execution chamber. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been sentenced to death, and he's not going to escape. Some butcher war criminals in Bangladesh are still awaiting trials, and they're not going to escape either. You might be thinking "You don't know that, though." True, I can't see the future, but prisons in real life aren't like …prison.

In terms of moral codes, Carlile wrecks the curve. If we hold him up as the moral standard, then his methods look brutal. His rogues are actually criminals. The biggies are ... Aside from these guys; his rogues are extra-terrestrial threats like... Philosophers have argued for humanity to aspire to and pursue the greater good. Ancient Greek heroes did, and some failed miserably. Some of our heroes today try, and some fail miserably. But if we as readers settle for brutality, bitterness, and nihilism as the best we can hope for, the society we readers help shape will certainly slip into greater moral decay. Our ICT represents the morning star that we all strive to achieve.

Lord Carlile is a practising barrister and head of chambers at 9-12 Bell Yard barristers' chambers, a criminal law chamber in England. As a QC, he successfully defended butler Paul Burrell when he was accused of stealing millions of pounds of goods from the estate of the late Princess of Wales. So, he carried out his actions only to keep the misdeed-mongers in safety and protect from harm, decay, loss, or destruction taking hold of money only from them for his personal ends. He is a notorious mastermind of booster for malefic characters. The goal of this action is to show to Carlile’s bots that they won’t be able to escape unpunished. He still has time to stop and not to disgrace this country.

He is the legal counsel of one of the most notorious murderers in Bangladesh’s history. He’s a lying piece of shit. He, as an organization, has no credibility with us, and anything he says about the mass murderers is all bullshit.
Our 1971 war valiant Freedom Fighter Nahid is right about the dangers of self-deception and it may be that the language of being an expert or expertise like Carlile is inappropriate in an ethical context. Perhaps the language of expertise suggests ethics can be a matter of applying algorithms, but might it make sense to think that some persons are or can become (and can help others become) better in terms of ethical reflection and living ethically? Can an ethics course or the study of ethics help one to? Absolutely yes. Get better at feeling and expressing genuine, appropriate concern for the welfare of others? Leave this wrong footpath right along, Mr. Carlile. Develop skills at showing appropriate compassion, affection, less given over to follow socially indoctrinated, harmful stereotypes? Become better at self-examination and self-questioning in which one can improve one’s recognition of when one is prey to vanity, self-deception, professionally jealousy?

A solicitor's commitment to behaving ethically is at the heart of what it means to be a solicitor. The legal experts support his or her clients in recognising and handling difficult professional situations and making choices which can be substantiated by reference to the Code of Conduct. Ethics involves making a commitment to acting with integrity and honesty in accordance with widely recognised moral principles. Ethics will guide a professional towards an appropriate way to behave in relation to moral dilemmas that arise in practice. Ethics is based on the principles of serving the interests of consumers of legal services and of acting in the interests of the administration of justice, in which, in the event of a conflict, acting in the interests of the administration of justice prevails.

Making a commitment to acting ethically is intrinsically linked with meeting the standards and requirements set out in the Code of Conduct to be strictly followed by the legal professionals. These standards stem from the 10 mandatory principles. The principles apply to all solicitors and underpin all aspects of practice. A solicitor must consider his duties are purely standing on moral and ethical standards. The level of ethical behaviour requires of a solicitor is something that sets him apart from the general public.

There is a place and a need for ethics in the current climate in which solicitors should operate. He should foster cultures which promote good ethical decision making. He should take a more proactive role in embedding an ethical culture within the profession. Combining perceptions of power capabilities and cultural judgments unique to this rogue stereotype, the rogue image presents a challenge to punish the mass murderer’s strategy demanding attention to the future threat posed by these types of rogue legal professionals like Carlile.

Carlile's reckless conduct is violating the norms justice system of Bangladesh and elsewhere and he has been trying to deform Bangladesh’s history since long. He is one of the criminals who are unabatedly unleashing from UK’s legal profession in collaborating with the worst war criminals and their mango-twigs in Bangladesh. Blood-thirsty is a very minor villain who is a massive alien creature with multiple holes on his skin that emit a green gas. His weapon appears to be a circular device like a clock without hands that he could use to slow down or even to stop time. This bloodthirsty brags throughout his first and (to date) only appearance that he is the cause of every evil job to support the major war criminals. He is an evil guy who has learnt how to advance or revert a human being’s age by means of his so-called special pills.

As a matter of fact, he is simply an agent highly paid by the obnoxious nexus of the war criminals and their mango-twigs to stop the legal procedures now going on in Bangladesh to punish those heartbreaking mass murderers. If we hear Carlile’s name or his words, we can simply say, ‘rogues supplant justice’ or ‘birds of a feather flock together’ or ‘the scapegrace will never listen to a moral lecture’ or maybe all, altogether. Lord Alex Carlile is an impish super-villain that is an enemy of mankind!

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