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When top Sri Lankan Army Bosses are barking each other

by A Concerned Citizen
( September 15, 2018, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Recent spat between FM Sarath Fonseka who is also a senior government minister and the Army Commander Mahesh Senanayake seems to have created a bad taste across the board; amongst senior politicians and government officials. FM Sarath Fonseka’s diatribe against Mahesh Senanayake should never have occurred. Being a former Commander himself, FM Sarath Fonseka should know better that such open and brazen statements against a serving Commander would serve no purpose. Especially personal remarks against a serving Commander. Being a battle hardened veteran and the war winning Commander he should have advised Mahesh Senanayake regarding National security in person privately. If he feels that the incumbent Commander is reluctant to listen to him, then he could have easily gone to the President or the Prime Minister and appraised them on the serious pitfalls in the National Security plans if at all such pit falls exist. That way he could have absolved himself of any future blame if there are to be consequences. He should know better; many even today are willing to listen to him on National Security issues.

Mahesh Senanayake too should be cautious in issuing press statements; criticizing former commanders, especially someone like Sarth Fonseka who even today is regarded as a key figure in bringing the LTTE to its knees and bringing an end to virtually catastrophic war that bled the country white is highly unnecessary even if the latter makes provoking statements. Issuing press statements should not be a pastime of an incumbent Commander. Yahapalana government after coming into power did well to extricate the Sri Lanka Army from political strings. The previous Commander was rarely heard in the press and that, in a way is the need of the hour. Therefore, Mahesh Sennanayake should as the subordinate need to take the first step in going in for a rapprochement with Sarath Fonseka. Sarath Fonseka, if he believes in the age old dictum ‘Officer and a Gentleman’ should forgive and forget; all for the sake of the country and our valiant members of the Armed Forces.

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