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On Buddha Purnima Day

When Tibet lost it’s freedom, certainly the cause of Buddhism and peace suffered in the world and it is a matter of utmost importance that this loss should be recovered

by N.S.Venkataraman

In 20th century , three grave tragedies took place in the world. Two of the tragedies were the World War I and World War II, when Germany, with unconcealed greed and ambition to dominate the world and emerge as the world leader caused world wars. Millions of soldiers and innocent persons in several countries lost their lives or suffered from grievous injuries. Many families were disintegrated and world suffered enormously. Finally, Germany was decisively defeated in both the wars and the world felt relieved. After the end of the World War II , people of Germany themselves realized the futility of war and pledged themselves not to indulge in military conflicts in future.

The third tragedy in 20th century was the aggression on Tibet and occupation of Tibet by China. The act of China in occupying Tibet was not dissimilar with that of the Germany in the first and second World Wars. Like Germany, China offered various excuses for it’s aggression and exhibited enormous ruthlessness in suppressing the protestors in Tibet. Now , China has been ruling Tibet for several decades with vice like grip and is using strong arm tactics to suppress any possible peace movement in Tibet. Like Germany spreading lies (Goebbels tactics) , China has been attempting to brainwash the Tibetans living in Tibet under Chinese government for the last several decades , trying to create an impression amongst them that they are part of China. However, China has not so far succeeded in getting the approval of the Tibetans living in Tibet for it’s misdeeds.

Unlike Germany, China is yet to be defeated in it’s unethical attempt to hold on to the Tibetan territory.

Tibet is a country where the Buddhist philosophy and thoughts of Lord Buddha have been followed in letter and spirit with high level of dedication. Tibet, as the leading Buddhist country before it’s occupation by China, was a role model for millions of Buddhists living in other parts of the world and Buddhists lost this advantage when Tibet was occupied by China unjustifiably.

The loss of freedom in Tibet due to it’s going under the control of China is a huge setback for the peace movements in the world , as Budhism and Lord Buddha and Tibet espoused the cause of peace and harmony and goodwill with great conviction. Though Lord Buddha was born in India , his message spread around the world, with Tibet assuming leadership role for Buddhist philosophy.

On the auspicious occasion of Buddha purnima which is commemorated to mark birth, nirvana and parinirvana of Lord Buddha, the celebration of Buddha Purnima day would be incomplete without having a thought on the present plight of Tibet , which has been the glorious centre of Buddhist philosophy and thoughts for several centuries.

When Tibet lost it’s freedom, certainly the cause of Buddhism and peace suffered in the world and it is a matter of utmost importance that this loss should be recovered.

To achieve everlasting peace in the world in letter and spirit , the thoughts and guidance of Lord Buddha are vitally important for the world community.

Let everyone in the world dedicate their thoughts to the cause of Tibet on Buddha Purnima day and certainly the strength of such thought process will pave way for restoring Tibet to it’s original glory and Tibet will spring back to its historical place as torch bearer of Buddhist philosophy in the world.

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