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Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt fight for plum job as P.M. of Britain

Both candidates are said to be widely different in their ways and policies

by Our London Correspondent

The candidates for leadership of the Conservative Party have been whittled down from a cricket team of eleven, to two, with 160 Conservative MP’s voting for Boris to 77 for Hunt, in Thursday’s (20 June,2019) ballot, with leading contender Michael Gove getting 75 votes. Home Secretary, Sajid Javed was earlier eliminated and has thrown in his support for Boris Johnson.

Former Foreign Secretary of Britain and past Mayor of London, Boris Johnson and the present incumbent, Jeremy Hunt, now face a further 16 hustings with the final result to be put to 160,000 members of the Conservative Party in a secret postal ballot.

Leading Brexiteer Boris is the favourite to be chosen by the grassroots of the party according to the pools.

But Jeremy Hunt who backed to Remain in the EU Referendum 2016 has since become a supporter of UK’s exit from EU.

Both candidates are said to be widely different in their ways and policies.

The result will be announced in the week beginning 22 July 2019.

The Big Issue in this election is when the new winner will call a General Election in Britain.

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