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Over Million Hongkongers filled the streets against China

A total of 1.03 million people joined the protest against fugitive law amendment today, organizer Civil Human Rights Front said.

It exceeded the turnout of a 2003 rally against the enactment of Basic Law Article 23, which was 500,000, the group said.

By 7pm, all protesters have left Victoria Park. The end of the queue has not arrived at Central Government Offices by 9.45pm.

Police announced that 240,000 people joined the protest during its peak period – the highest turnout of any protest estimated by police since the 2003 protest.

Meanwhile, The Chief Executive Carrie Lam sounded a defiant note today in her first comments since the million-person street protests yesterday, saying that the fugitives law amendment is ''very important.''

"This is a very important piece of legislation that will help to uphold justice and also ensure that Hong Kong will fulfil her international obligations in terms of cross-boundary and transnational crimes," she said today.

She insisted that the bill will resume its second reading on the 12th June. She also said she had not ignored the outpouring of public anger.

"I and my team have not ignored any views expressed on this very important piece of legislation. We have been listening and listening very attentively," she said.

She refused to withdraw the bill, saying: “Hong Kong has to move on, nobody wants Hong Kong to be a fugitive offenders haven.”

“We are doing it.”

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