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Sri Lanka: The TULF stand at the Presidential Election 2019

The TULF, after the stunning defeat at the General election of April 2004, could not regain its former prestige due to false propaganda more by the TNA itself.

by V. Anandasangaree

When our country is facing a crucial election, which alone will determine the fate of the country and its various ethnic groups, I have a bounden duty to speak and act on behalf of the Tamil people of the North and the East. They had been deprived of proper representation, either in parliament or elsewhere. A decision taken at a Presidential Election is as good as a referendum taken on any issue. The Presidential election is the third one, since 2005 at which I had been repeatedly appealing to the presidential candidates to take the ethnic problems out of their election campaign and deal with it after the election. The winner in consultation with all the defeated candidates can take a decision which could be referred to a special referendum.

Protect them to secure their future

The Tamil people who innocently voted for the TNA at the General election held on the 2nd of April, 2004 should share the blame for the complete derailment of democracy in the North and the East. They were misled by the TNA at that time, in-spite of the fact that they were fraudulently using the term Tamil National Alliance. The TULF that was led by a Triumvirate, comprised of Hon. S. J. V. Chelvanayakam, Hon. G. G. Ponnampalam and Hon. S. Thondaman was very strong and much respected by the people. But unfortunately Mr. R. Sampanthan who was very adamant in becoming the Secretary General of the TULF in succession to the assassinated Leader the late Mr. A. Amirthalingam, had to be accommodated as Secretary General. He is the one who had brought dishonour to a much reputed political party the TULF.

At the 2004 General Election as secretary general of the Party he informed the Commissioner of Elections that the TULF will be contesting the election. Surprisingly he was having an illicit deal with the LTTE and let down the TULF by submitting a nomination paper comprised of candidates chosen by the LTTE, to the returning officer. He shocked the entire country by declaring that he was submitting the nomination on behalf of the LTTE. The distressing result was that, the very popular and very senior Political Party, the TULF, had been deprived of contesting the election as a political party. The party was left with two options, one of which was to give up without contesting or to run a set of Independent Candidates. At the election, by large scale threats, intimidations and impersonations the TNA disgracefully led by Mr. R. Sampanthan, won all seats including 2 National list Members totally 22. Their victories were obtained fraudulently in violation of parliamentary practice. Failure to recognise by successive governments and the International community resulted in the death of several thousand innocent people at the war front. Due to this situation the government is ignoring even genuine grievances of the people.

The TULF, after the stunning defeat at the General election of April 2004, could not regain its former prestige due to false propaganda more by the TNA itself.

At the Presidential election of 2005, in spite of the fact that one candidate Hon. Ranil Wickramasinghe, offered Federalism as a solution to the ethnic problem the TNA carried on a vicious campaign asking the Tamil people to boycott the elections. It is a pity that when 49% of the Sinhalese people voted for Federalism, Tamils boycotting the election, was not only ridiculous but also a great betrayal by the TNA which organised the boycott.

I could come out with many more such incidents but I am limiting my accusations to the very minimum. My advice to the Tamil People is to ignore the TNA and its advice in the future and repose their confidence in the leadership of the Tamil United Liberation Front which is the only party that had the Leadership and guidance of the great Tamil Leaders like M/s. SJV Chelvanayakam, GG Ponnampalam, S Thondaman, A.Amirthalingam, M. Sivasithamparam, Dr. Neelan Tiruchelvam and many such others of great repute.

The TULF proudly claims that, if not only one, it is undoubtedly one following the footsteps of these great leaders and assures that high principle will be adhered to in the future as well and plead with the Tamil people to rally round the TULF to win back the loss rites.

The people are very well aware how the TNA takes its decisions to favour their personal gains. The People who know the history of the TULF and the behaviour of the TNA need not be told as to whom they should cast their valuable votes. The choice is yours.

The writer is Secretary General – TULF.

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