Split In Congress Needed for Vibrant Indian Democracy

Democratic structure of India would become weak, if there would be no credible opposition party, to critically assess the programmes of the ruling party.

by N.S.Venkataraman

BJP government led by Narendra Modi is having it’s feet firmly on the ground. Under the charismatic leadership of Modi and his image as a honest crusader, the opposition leaders in India look small before him. In the process, BJP government is becoming very powerful and some people even say authoritarian.

Rahul Gandhi 
Obviously, democratic structure of India would become weak, if there would be no credible opposition party, to critically assess the programmes of the ruling party.

Unfortunately, congress party, the only significant national party in India apart from B J P , has become listless, weak and is rapidly losing credibility after Rahul Gandhi took over as the president of the party. He has been selected as party president mainly because he belongs to Nehru’s family and not due to any particular merit. With his sister also now entering political arena as the general secretary of the party and the mother overseeing the son and daughter as interim president of the congress party, the picture of congress party as essentially a family controlled party is complete and obvious.

With the recent news that Sonia and Rahul visited China ,when congress party signed some sort of agreement with the communist party of China and Rajiv Gandhi Foundation received fund from China has totally demolished the image of the congress party as a reliable and dependable political outfit.

As the only national party now in India, it is necessary that congress party should resurrect itself. This cannot happen, if Sonia and her family would continue to control the party, with the image of the party now lying shattered.

Certainly, Sonia and her family would not give up the control over the party under any circumstances and would hold the finances of the party firmly under the grip. The family would encourage and give prominence only to those persons in the congress party who firmly commit their loyalty to the family. With the prospects of congress party under the control of Sonia family now very dim, the only option is that people with good image and courage of conviction in the party should demand leadership change in the congress party. Most likely it would not happen and such demand would be shouted down by the loyalists of Sonia’s family.

In such circumstances, it is necessary to force a split in the congress party, to make it get rid of the family control.

Some people in the congress party should take the initiative. Certainly, they would not have an easy time but gradually would receive support from the cross section of the countrymen and those who believe that the country needs a strong opposition party, so that BJP would not become authoritarian.

In any case, under the control of Sonia’s family, Congress party can not get majority in Parliamentary election at any time in future. Then, why not take a chance and split the congress party, so that it would be resurrected as a clean party, that would help in ensuring vibrant parliamentary democracy in India.

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