Prayer for Covid 19 Free Year 2021

The question haunting everyone as the year 2021 will dawn is whether the introduced new vaccines may do more harm than good due to hitherto unknown side effects. 

by N.S.Venkataraman 

With the year 2020 inevitably ending in the next few weeks, the thought amongst the people all over the world is whether the coming year 2021 will be free of COVID 19  ( justifiably known as Wuhan virus, as it certainly spread  only from Wuhan in China).

In the early 2020, many people thought that COVID 19 would be a localized affair in China but later on,  it proved to be a global pandemic.

While  USA, European countries and India were amongst  those  heavily impacted by COVID 19, China claimed that it had “conquered”  COVID 19 virus.  As transparency is notoriously absent in countries like China and North Korea , till today, no one believes that these two countries have freed themselves   completely from CIOVID 19 pandemic.

The controversy , whether COVID 19 virus leaked out  accidentally from a laboratory in Wuhan or allowed to spread by China , would continue for a  long time to come and  when the world would one day be out of this COVID 19 crisis , several  investigations  would be carried out on how the virus really happened. China would be in the centre of such controversies for all  time in future.

While COVID 19 has caused great sufferings and death of  many thousands of people, another worst impact is that the confidence of the world community that the world  could be made a healthy place due to the scientific  advancements have been badly shaken.

Of course, due credit should be given to  the medical research agencies and pharmaceutical companies for having initiated   massive research efforts to find a vaccine to treat COVID 19. However, nearly   the ten months of research efforts  have  not still  yielded   adequately reliable and positive results.  While the world community is grateful to the medical researchers , the inner feeling amongst the cross section of people is that may be science and research have limitations.  Nobody can say anything conclusively on   this at this stage.

Now, the upper most question is  as to what is in store for the world in 2021.  While everyone wishes that  science should  defeat COVID 19 virus , everyone is keeping the fingers crossed and with feelings of very high anxiety.

 In  the absence of foolproof  treatment, some cosmetic solutions were suggested desperately like wearing the mask, washing hands, drinking hot water , social distancing etc. While the governments helplessly  declared lockout to prevent spread of virus and many people  observed the guidelines such as wearing masks etc., everyone knows that this cannot be the  ultimate solution.

The World Health Organisation has now become conspicuous due to several of it’s failures such as not forewarning the world, issuing frequently contradictory statements and   it’s poor leadership  have  been thoroughly exposed. Today, people do not think that WHO can help in finding a solution to outsmart this dreaded virus. 

With much fanfare, US President Trump claimed that hydroxychloroquine could be the drug of choice to treat  the COVID 19. Some scientists agreed and some disagreed and finally the faith in hydroxychloroquine to treat the virus have now been completely lost.

The next drug suggested was remdesivir drug, which was supported by several scientists and   many hospitals started  prescribing it for COVID patients. Now, WHO  has issued a statement that remdesivir is no good for treating COVID 19. 

Then, plasma treatment was suggested and some scientists agreed and some did not. Now, WHO again issued a statement  rejecting plasma treatment.

Thus, medical researchers have been agreeing and disagreeing about the drug for treating COVID 19.

These days,  the world has been constantly hearing about the “successful” development  of   vaccine to treat the virus.  One company claims 90% success for it’s vaccine,  another one claims  95% success for it’s vaccine and third one  claims 70% success. Meanwhile, Russia started claiming  that it has developed vaccine  and named it  sputnik  ,  without revealing any detailed data to  enable the scientists across the world to verify  the claims. . Meanwhile, China, as usual,  has claimed success in development of vaccines and nobody knows whether it has really done it.

The highest matter of concern about the claimed success of  the vaccine is that  several acknowledged  and prescribed stages   for  testing the efficacy of the vaccine have been bypassed.  While it is known that the clinical trial conducted properly  would take around 5 to 6 years, success of vaccine have been claimed after conducting trials just for three to four months.

It is very well known that the same drug or vaccine have different levels of positive or adverse impact on people living in different climatic conditions, with different food habits and different age groups.   Many people think  that announcing success rates  for developed vaccines without worldwide clinical trials  for adequate periods is not only a calculated risk but could also be termed as an unethical medical claim.

However, given the desperate conditions that the world faces today, nobody  wants to raise the  shortened clinical trial as an  issue and  everyone is hoping against hope that the calculated risk of using these vaccines would be less and at an acceptable level. 

One has to keep in view the fact that in the last several years, a  number of drugs which have been approved and used  after elaborate clinical trials have been later on proved to be harmful and banned .  World is hoping that the vaccine developed for COVID 19 will not have a similar fate.

The question haunting everyone  as the year 2021 will dawn  is whether the introduced new vaccines may do  more harm than good due to  hitherto unknown side effects . People silently wonder whether  an unfortunate situation would develop  when year 2021  would become the victim  of hastily developed vaccines to treat COVID 19, just as the world became victim of COVID 19 in 2020.

The worldwide consensus now appears to be that the crisis is  so serious    that every possible solution should be tried   to save  humanity, irrespective of the cost and risk involved.

While the world prays that year 2021 should be free of COVID 19, the world also prays that the developed vaccines should work  successfully.

The desperate world is now praying to God to help  humanity out of this crisis. Is there any other way ?

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