Understanding the Situation in the USA

Stories appeared in the New York Post about corruption in the Biden camp, but Twitter and Face book blocked the stories. They even stopped the New York Post using their Twitter account.

by Priyantha Hettige

There is always great publicity – praising the great things, the great achievements of the USA, its great constitution and its science – and never forget the Atomic Bomb! Americans brought Europe away from the brink of starvation after World War II, with food aid and other material help under the Marshall Plan. America is famous for its engineering and science: the exploration of space, the first man on the moon, and great inventions - computers, the internet, Facebook, KFC, Hollywood films and so on.

But all is not sweetness and light. The US is a multi-faceted society, and some of those facets are not publicized, such as the racial divides and class distinctions: in truth, America is a deeply divided society, especially the great divide between Republicans and Democrats. But there are many different schisms. For example, poor people of African origin complain about ‘white privilege,’ and, after police shootings, protesters chant “black lives matter”

Why should the US publicize and proclaim that they have removed Habeas Corpus from the US constitution? Thus, humans are no longer safe from arrest and disappearance thanks to past president Obama. You are denied the fact, according, Jimmy Dore, on his show, that nine out of ten bombs detonated in Syria by the Obama regime, actually killed civilians, he says. He comments that Obama is the biggest and worst of all terrorists. Julian Assange, now in prison in the UK, awaiting extradition, exposed the atrocities that occurred in Iraq. He received illicit E-mails from the DNC server and posted them to the US main newspapers. They printed them!  He was duly arrested on the orders of Obama, and is in prison. He is widely considered a hero for revealing the truth of US atrocities in the Iraq war.

Israel is a civilized country, it has a free healthcare system for its citizens. Yet the US has no universal healthcare for its people but gives millions of dollars to Israel, money which could be used to help poor Americans with illnesses. Can you see.. past US governments were not working for the benefit of US citizens – who foot the bills by paying their taxes?

The wrong-doing, the abuse of power by various US administrations and their machinery of power, the FBI, the CIA, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and several other Governmental organizations, prompted businessman Donald Trump, to enter politics to put things right. He saw the weakening of the economy due to seriously flawed trade agreements. He saw that the politicians had encouraged businesses to open up manufacturing plants, research laboratories, etc. overseas, in cheaper foreign countries, so increasing their profits at the expense of the American middleclass worker.  This has caused job loss and utter poverty of working men and women, many of whom had great manufacturing and engineering skills.  To add to the catastrophe, a succession of governments had allowed a free-flow of migrants, to illegally enter and fill the jobs of US workers. The immigration police were under orders to ‘catch and release’; there was no penalty for entering the USA illegally. Many of these same people were members of trafficking gangs bringing in illegal narcotics, trafficking humans including children and guns. Murders were common: Mexican M13 gangs were slashing US citizens to death with knives, but the politicians turned a blind eye. Successive governments had a policy of “no border walls.”  So, President Trump has started to build a wall along the Mexican border and immigration has fallen by two thirds and crime has fallen, too. The US was spending millions on research and development, but the industrial secrets were being stolen by competitors. China has copied some of the US air force’s most advanced airplanes! But Trump has clamped down on industrial spying.

After the war, the Industrial-Military complex had become most powerful. The great war-time general, Eisenhower, warned of the serous possibility of corrupting US governments to start military projects, wars. Wars bring large military budgets and so, more job opportunities, more promotions and wealth! But also they could use up old stocks of bombs and test new bombs and weapons in real fighting.

But unfortunately, despite this warning, the politicians were indeed seduced by the power of this powerful, corrupting money influence and they benefitted and grew rich. There has been perpetual wars carried on for almost all the time since the end of World War II and so now, Washington is a stew pot of power and money.  But the United Nations was set up to prevent wars! The bombing of Serbia and the disintegration of Yugoslavia must be viewed as being a very great wrong. Now the US (also the UK) is supplying (selling) arms to Saudi Arabia which is using these to attack Yemen and thus, causing starvation and death there.

Trump wanted to make America Great Again and held ‘MAGA’ rallies in the major cities all across America  – where tens of thousands of supporters would attend each one.  He was openly against war and tried to bring back home American soldiers. He asked why should the Military-Industrial Complex make money out of unnecessary wars where US young men - soldiers were coming home disabled or in body-bags?

This criticism of the Industrial-Military complex by Trump made him very unpopular with those who benefit from this arrangement – the “Deep State” or “SWAMP’. The whole US establishment, the Washington “SWAMP” of politicians and bureuocrats, turned and hated him with the most unusual ferocity. He had upturned their applecart, exposing their deep corruption and also he had exposed their hidden agenda of creating a socialist “New World Order.” Their cover had been blown.

The media: the press, and cable news, united and followed the SWAMP example by showing unremitting hostility to Trump. They tried to impeach him four times. Truth flew out of the window and it became a free-for-all for writers, reporters and journalists to make up any story that would hurt Donald Trump, the multi-millionaire Businessman turned politician.

Stories appeared in the New York Post about corruption in the Biden camp, but Twitter and Face book blocked the stories. They even stopped the New York Post using their Twitter account. They hid Joe Biden and his family’s corruption from Americans before they voted.  The vote counting was the most corrupt and biased in US history.

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