The Radical Corona Denier Movement

America has always believed in headlines which create hysteria, but it also has unleashed a brand of “unlimited freedom,” which it was unable to contain when the Corona virus struck the US unprepared in March 2020?

by Victor Cherubim

The storming of the Bastille, oh no, but the US Capitol last Wednesday night,06 January 2021, some experts in the US say, “has only emboldened conspiracy theories of Corona virus by the radical far right.

The world has watched in disbelief what they saw on their TV screens of what President Trump supporters can do as they clashed with security guards to dismount law and order in Capitol Hill, Washington D.C.

For some others, this episode was an “expectation” after the Black Lives Matter movement earlier in the U.S. 

Around the world, in Berlin in August 2020, we saw protestershad gathered hundreds of radical activists to storm the steps of the historic German Parliament building, the Reichstag. 

We also saw what happened in Hong Kong, when “white shirts” wanted to claim their so called “civil rights” and had to be cordoned off, to protect public law and order.

Is this a malaise of the times?

It appears, it is a triumphalist mood among extremists in many countries sparking fears of spurring them on to more radical action, or pent-upunrest due to all the restrictions placed during the pandemic. It’s your pick?

It may also be a feature of discontent against all sorts of other issues, poverty, unemployment, inability to communicate their grievances with governments, which has grown, noticed or unnoticed over time, which spills on to streets or seats of power.

Who then are these radicals?

Psychologists state that they consist of a mixed bag of persons, that society has left behind. It may consist of a rag-tag mix of “conspiracy theorists”, some Anti-Vaxxers, far right extremists, and protesters against Corona virus restrictions.

But the “Big Question “after the event in Washington how very unprotected, unguarded, Congress building was, to be open to such a monstrous scene of attack by protesters, “radicalists”, young and old, “as if they were invited in”.

Whilst in Germany, these demonstrators were only able to be a few minutes on the stairs of the Reichstag, the historic building that houses Germany’s Federal Parliament. On the other hand, in Washington’s Capitol Hill, these rioters, were able tobreakin with impunity. Blame has poured in for inciting this mob violence, but what were the security forces doing to stop this mob rule? 

Was it the fault of Government or was it civil unrest?

The shutdown backlash is classed by observers and for all intents and purposes labelled as “populist liberalism”. It is “ant-science”,” anti-intellectual”, “anti-movement” and “anti-government”. It thrives on conspiracy theories, easily amplified by the mainstream conservative media outlets. It poses a serious public health threat to society at a time of an uncontrollable pandemic when the cry is “leave me alone” movement by an overburdened public.

How far is Trump responsible for the situation?

What price has President Donald Trump paid for his ideological dynamics, his impulsive, personality driven politicsover four years in office?

Trump has no doubt cultivated this “personality cult” during his tenure of office. His administration’s tardiness regarding the pandemic may be faulted. He hardly believed, there was a pandemic, even though he underwent hospitalisation for treatment of the pandemic.

But he was also responsible for taking away the power from his Administration - a clear case is his dismantling the State Department, and even other departments of State. He had control in every way with all actions of his administration. He was surprisingly a “One Man Band”, with his call “Make America Great Again” and he had a following of many millions who were mesmerised by his repeated gestures and actions. This posture of Donald Trump suited America, as other analysts may state, at a time when he was elected as President.

America has always believed in headlines which create hysteria, but it also has unleashed a brand of “unlimited freedom,” which it was unable to contain when the Corona virus struck the US unprepared in March 2020?

Was Donald Trump chosen as President to do a difficult job and discarded after having done his part of the job? Your guess is as good as mine?

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