With Leadership in USA Weakening, China Becoming More Aggressive Than Ever

India is now paying a big price for this historically wrong decision to appease China by remaining silent, while China massacred the innocent Tibetans and suppressed the freedom movement there and now  using Tibet region to build military base, that has  become a big threat  for India.

by N.S.Venkataraman    

When the  US President unilaterally decided to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan  resulting in a  humiliating  exit  , several people, both in USA and outside,  started thinking  whether the leadership of the USA has considerably weakened. The fact that President Joe Biden withdrew the forces   in the face of attack by Taliban terrorists even without a face saving formula, made many wonder whether the present leadership of USA has even lost the  sense of pride. When US troops were withdrawn , forces from other NATO countries , which stood by  the  USA in Afghanistan,  also withdrew their  forces , without questioning the abrupt decision of the US government. In this entire episode, not only the USA but also the NATO countries have lost their face in the eyes of the world.

The fact that  the US government  has  no hesitation in negotiating with the Taliban  after  withdrawing the forces  from Afghanistan in humiliating conditions  and even while  Taliban is widely perceived  to be a  terrorist organisation  ,has further made people across the world think that USA is no more a superpower.

With the COVID 19 spread in the  USA taking  a heavy toll and lives are still being lost in USA due to COVID 19 virus and economy of USA not being in the best of shape, 78 year old US President Joe Biden is no more creating confidence about the capability of the  USA to dominate the world. This feeling is further accentuated by the declaration of Joe Biden that  the USA would not send it’s troops to other countries  ( probably even if the terrorist elements would  indulge in violent  acts in any country ). With this decision, the claim of USA that it is the champion of the free world has gone for a toss

With the leadership of  the USA under Joe Biden visibly weakening, China has become more aggressive than ever  before and seem to have concluded that it’s time  has come to emerge as the super power in the world , decisively  beating USA. 

Recently, a US nuclear submarine hit an "unknown object" while submerged in waters in the Asia-Pacific region, injuring a number of sailors, The collision happened in international waters in the South China Sea, amid rising tensions in the region due to China’s claim that the region belongs to China.

Many people think that it is very unusual that  a submarine would hit an “unknown object “.  There are also suspicions that China could have planted the “unknown object”, to test the determination of the US government to enter into a conflict with China.  So far, Joe Biden administration has not explained , what was the “unknown object”. While the submarine withdrew and went back to USA, Joe Biden administration  has taken care not to blame China  for the incident.  Many people wonder whether this could be part of appeasing policy of Joe Biden administration towards China  to” buy peace” and avoid military conflict.

Chinese President has now said aggressively that China would  occupy Taiwan and many persons think that it could happen at any time now.

Earlier, UK government handed over Hong Kong to China unquestioningly and now China is using aggressive methods to put down the protestors in Hong Kong  against China’s dictatorial governance. Neither USA  nor NATO countries have done anything to prevent China from it’s acts of suppression in Hong Kong , other than issuing some paper statements from time to time.

It appears that China has convinced itself that the present weak US government would leave Taiwan at the mercy of China,  if   and when China would occupy Taiwan  China expects that it will have it’s way in Taiwan unchecked by any country.

After Taiwan, obviously the next target of China is India. Chinese forces are deliberately creating tension in the India China  border by repeatedly  intruding into Indian territory.  Indian Army Chief has now confirmed that China has considerably strengthened it’s military base in Tibet region, with large scale build up by China along the  Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh. The army chief has ominously said “ China is here to stay”  and it is a matter of concern for India.

Even as China is so aggressive, India is now  engaged in discussion with China to find an amicable settlement on border issue, even when everyone think that China would not be sincere in the talks. Many wonder whether India wants to avoid military conflict with China , inspite of provocative moves of China against India.

The military  confrontation faced by India against China has now become a serious   and grave issue for India, since the leadership of US government has considerably weakened and India has nowhere to look for   meaningful support , if US government  would not respond to checkmate China’s aggressive military moves  against India.

 With Russia  virtually reducing itself to  the level of junior partner of China in all fronts and India’s neighbour Pakistan and Afghanistan , who are  sworn enemies of India, now under total China’s influence  and control ,there is huge concern in India about China’s aggressive methods , policies and greed.

With Tibet already occupied by China and earlier India doing the mistake of approving the occupation of Tibet by China, India is now regretting that in the past,  it has approved China’s aggression in Tibet , to keep China in good humour.

India is now paying a big price for this historically wrong decision to appease China by remaining silent, while China massacred the innocent Tibetans and suppressed the freedom movement there and now  using Tibet region to build military base, that has  become a big threat  for India.