Sri Lanka: Zahran meets Hejaaz Hizbullah in Puttalam in 2018

 Zahran Hashim was one of the top preachers at the Madrasa School run by Hejaaz Hizbullah in Puttalam. 

Reliable sources say that Hejaaz Hizbullah who is currently in custody on charges of aiding and abetting Islamic terrorists motivated by Islamic State ideology has been linked to Zahran Hashim alias Abu Ubaida, the ringleader of the Easter terrorist attacks in 2019.

According to sources, Hejaaz Hizbullah was first introduced to Zahran Hashim in 2018 by Abu Bara alias Inshaf Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim, who committed suicide at the Cinnamon Grand Hotel in Colombo during the Easter attacks.  "Zahran visited Puttalam and met Hejaaz Hizbullah after Abu Bara shared his phone number and profile photo. Abu Bara has saved the contact number of Hejaaz Hizbullah as “Ijaas LLB” on his phone and shared it with Zahran Hashim through the Telegram app when Zahran was in his spouse home in Kekunagolla, Kurunegala, " reliable sources reaffirmed.   

Zahran Hashim was one of the top preachers at the Madrasa School run by Hejaaz Hizbullah in Puttalam and it is believed that Zahran had planned to send his two children to study at the same school, the Sri Lanka Guardian learns.  

However, it is questionable how this important fact, which is reported to have been reaffirmed by members of Zahran's inner circle, who is currently in custody, could have been avoided during the ongoing investigations.


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