World Largest Democracy is not Democratic for All

The majority of mouthpiece media is silent on what is happening with minorities under the shadow of government

by Mansoor Ahmed

In democracy, rules and laws are equal for all, people are treated equally, without their caste, creed, and political affiliation. Their rights should not only be protected but have to be ensured on every cost. The case of democratic norms and values is totally different when it comes to the world’s largest democracy as compared to those of other nations. 

Muslims in India are the second largest community, living and contributing for the development of India, but they are not treated equally under the constitution of the country. Even the courts failed to protect their fundamental rights, the right to live, the right of free speech, freedom of religion and freedom of expression. Actually, Indian Muslims are being marginalized in their own country. We can see the clear example of biasness, double standards and span of hate against them especially in recent protests across the country. 

This week the world witnessed massive protests across India, firstly, when two BJP leaders made controversial remarks about Prophet PBUH and hit the sentiments of millions of Muslims across the world. Later the announcement of Agnipath scheme rocked India, as youth came out on the streets and expressed their anger against govt’ decision to recruit soldiers on four-year contracts, with sharply reduced benefits. 

When Muslims protested against the BJP leader’s controversial remarks over Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), BJP authorities in UP state demolished their homes reasoning encroachments. But when people protested against Agnipath scheme, their approach towards the protesters was totally different and they were not dealt as the  minorities were.

Being the world largest democracy, India under its constitution is obliged to treat all its citizens equally based on international human rights and democratic principles. Their approach towards protestors from diverse religious communities is a clear example that the country is going against its own laws.  India judiciary has the role to play and it cannot go against their defined role. 

The UNHRC and other human rights organizations have warned that the hate speeches are on the rise as social media has provided an opportunity to spread misinformation rapidly across the globe. The world body said the holistic approach is needed to curb the potential to incite violence. Looking as wholesome, Indian laws have to take its own course for curbing hate speeches across the board.  

The Planned discrimination against its minorities especially against Muslims is a clear indication of an un-secular India, where people of different faiths and religions are treated with different laws. It is humiliating, threatening, and suppressing Muslims, Christians and Dalit’s. Now they are struggling for their survival in the world’s largest democracy.

India under BJP led by PM Modi has witnessed the rising attacks on minorities and he tried to crush any voice that challenged his regime.The  manner in which  PM  Modi has ruled India, it has given rise to claims that India’s democracy and its minorities are in grave danger. Ever since the PM Modi came in power in 2014 Indian democracy has collapsed.

The double standard of government and media proves the aggressive mindset towards Muslims.Today the world so called largest democracy has weaken because of its rejection of the core democratic principle that all citizens are equal. The ruling  Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is following RashtriyaSwayamsevakSangh(RSS) Hindutva ideology that claims superiority over religious minorities. Now Hindutva has a special privilege in Indian national politics.

The majority of mouth piece media is silent on what is happening with minorities under the shadow of gov’t. It seems it is following the gov't guidelines and not fulfilling it’s  responsibilities as an independent institution.Some journalists  who have taken a critical stance and raised their voices in defense of secular values have been harassed or even killed. 

TheEconomist IntelligenceUnit’s (EIU’s) Democracy Index 2021 saysthe Indian government's failure to crack down on the persecution of religious and other minorities by Hindu nationalists continues to weigh on the country's democracy score, which has declined significantly in recent years.

Mansoor Ahmed is Islamabad based Researcher and Freelancer