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We’ll denounced our weapons after elections-TMVP

Photo: Thileepan addressing to people at Election Propaganda meeting in Batticalaoa.

Peace Secretariat Head of the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal (TMVP) better known as the Karua Faction, K. Mahesh said the government forces were not capable of preventing the LTTE from penetrating into the east and added that Trincomalee was one of the main targets of the LTTE.

"Only we can stop them from penetrating. It is very easy for them to come through the jungles in Kantale and come into even Batticaloa. We know how they come," he said.
He denied reports by the SLMM that armed cadres were roaming in civilian areas in Trincomalee.

"Only our political members are functioning in the civilian areas and the main towns. Our armed cadres are in the jungles," he said.

He added that human rights organisations and the SLMM should try to push the government for an election rather than forcing the group to disarm.

"We will only put down our arms after the parliamentary elections. It is only after this election that we would be able to get protection like Minister Douglas Devananda," Mahesh said.

Meanwhile the TMVP political wing members in Batticaloa and others Easter province area have been holding few elections propaganda meeting during the past under T.V. Thileepan who is the head of political wing of Karuna Faction.

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