Confession of an Ex- Black Sea Tiger in the LTTE (Part -01)

Photo: The Subject also joined with this operation with his best Friend Rejee who comes from Amapara, in Mahaweli river “Gangai” area before launch attack to Trincomalee harbour in 2000. The boat driving by Rajee on of the Black Sea tiger that was suicides while this operation.

An interview with former Black Sea Tiger in the LTTE naval Wing

He was a killer machine. He served as a normal Tiger cadre as well as a Black Sea Tiger. While on a suicide operation he was injured in a clash with the Navy; the injury saved his life. Fortunately he caned escape the life after sea confrontation. His real identity cannot be revealed for obvious reasons.

by: Nilantha Ilangamuwa with Ex- Black Sea Tiger in LTTE

Q.When and where are you born?

A.I was born in February 02nd 1978 at Valachchenei, Batticaloa.

Q.How many members are there in your family?

A.Five, including myself. My father died some time ago. My sister and brother are living some where in East.

Q.How about your family situation?

A.Ours was a poor family. On some days we had only one meal a day. It was a very hard life.

Q.When did you join the LTTE?

A.In 1989. It was my own decision. No one forced me.

Q.Why did you join? What were the factors which influenced your decision?

A.Actually I cannot explain why I joined the LTTE. Perhaps because we thought that the LTTE was fighting for the liberation of the Tamil Peoples, for their freedom. I didn’t have a good education. We felt it was necessary to win our freedom as the Government of Sri Lanka failed to supply the basic human needs of the Tamil people.

Q.Who was your first leader in the LTTE?

A.Col. Thambirajah Ramesh. He is the brother-in- Law of the Special Commander of the LTTE Navy, Thillayampalan Sivaneshan alias Colonel Soosai. Ramesh was appointed as the special Commander of the Amparai – Batticalao districts after Colonel Karuna broke away from the LTTE on 01 March 2004.

Q.Where did you receive your initial military training?

A.At one of the LTTE military bases in (Kudumpimalai) Toppigala. Our team leader was called Ruben. He was killed by Sri Lankan forces during a confrontation in the early 90s.

Q.Can you give us some details of your training?

A.It was very hard. We had to wake up every day at 4.30. We would drink some water and run till 5.30 am. At 6.00 am we would have a meeting with our leaders; they would explain the current situation in the country and provide us with news. They usually told us that Sinhala people hate Tamil people; they told us that innocent Tamil people are being killed everyday. We were not allowed to listen to any radio broadcasts. The leaders just told us the news and we were told to accept what they said. We were not allowed to argue. At 8.30 we took our Breakfast. After that we had arms training till launch time. We were not allowed to communication with parents or other family members directly. Our only communications with our families were though our group leader.

Q.Did you take part in any operations against the Sri Lankan forces?

A.Yes, I has involved with many operations in Jaffna, and East.

Q.Why did you go to Jaffna? Who did you go with?

A.In 1990 I went to Jaffna with Co. Ramesh. We walked to Jaffna. It took us seven days; our meals were made of biscuits and drinking water. We went to Jaffna as a small group. Some cadres died along the way due to fatigue and lack of food. Some were killed by the Sri Lankan forces as we traveled through the jungle.

Q.How was your life in Jaffna?

A.When we went to Jaffna, we started our duties and military training. We were wanted by the LTTE leadership for operations. I took part in Jayasikuru and other major operations in the North. Once I was seriously wounded and was treated in Killinochchi.

Q.How did you join the Black Tigers?

A.I thought of joining the Black Tigers while being treated at one of the hospitals in Killinochi. After that I sent a letter to V. Pirabaharan who is the leader of the Black Tigers. That was what anyone who wanted to join the Black Tigers had to do. The rule was, you write a letter to Pirabaharan. He will read it and call you for an interview.

Q.Can you tell us your thoughts on Pirabahan? What kind of person is he? Where is he living?

A.We don’t know where he is living. It’s very much a secret. He has a good personality and is also very friendly. He gives us a time and place to meet him when we want to talk to him or he wants to talk to us. When we go there he is already there. We do not know where he came from.

Q.What did Prabakaran discuss with young cadres seeking to join the Black Tigers?

A.Basically he asked us about our family background and why we want to join the Black Tiger Squad. Then he explained to us about the Black Tigers. He said, “It is heart for the LTTE and Prabakaran”. He said that the Black Tigers are like his own children.

Q.What happened afterwards?

A.Prabakaran asked us about our favorite field of operations during the interview, whether we like ground operations or we prefer the Sea Tigers. They them supervise the swimming skills of those who want to join Sea Tigers. If we have good swimming skills we are allowed to join the Sea Tigers.

To be continued …..