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More than 70 hard cadres from LTTE's intelligence wing and Black Tiger wing have entered Colombo

(April 17, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian)Several friendly foreign intelligence services have renewed their warnings of LTTE infiltration in Colombo. According to these intel sources, between 75-100 hard core cadres from LTTE's intelligence wing and Black Tiger suicide wing have entered Colombo. VVIP assassination (the president is a top priority target of the LTTE), destruction of economic structures, disruption of day to day civilian life and assasination of key military personnel are some of their objectives. The LTTE, as usual, have deployed several teams working on the same target. This strategy is known to boost the success rate of the mission as there is always the chance of another team successfully completing the mission even if one gets busted.

A foreign intelligence service had previously warned of LTTE threats to minister Jeyeraj Fernandopulle. According to these warnings, two black tigers had been given the task of assassinating the minister. One of them apparently succeeded.

Meanwhile, the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF), after being relatively inactive in the past two weeks due to bad weather conditions, have stepped up air strikes over LTTE targets in the northern province. Fighters of the 10th fighter squadron conducted nigh time air raids on a series of LTTE bases in jungles of Oddusudan on the 15th while helicopter gunships of the 9th attack helicopter attacked a LTTE mortar launching pad near the Muhamalai defence line on the 16th. The Air Force conducted air raids on an LTTE communications facility located south of Kokavil, Mullaithiv, also on the 15th. Exact damages caused to LTTE cadres from these air strikes are not yet available.(Defencenet Report)
- Sri Lanka Guardian


Lakenpuit said...

May be the Human Rights People can slow down when suspects are arrested in Colombo suburbs..Hey why come to this Sounth Country when Ealam provides everything..

Anil said...

Please do your checking thoroughly. No matter who are they. be allert all the time. Don't under estimate any thing,anyone at any time. If you take you attention, you can stop all these. Do something valid to your motherland.

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