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Swamy wants Priyanka prosecuted

‘All the tear jerking stories put out in the media is therefore to be taken with a pinch of salt. The visit would have remained secret but for the LTTE directing Nalini’s advocate, who is also a member of a LTTE front organisation in Tamilnadu, to make it public.”

(April 17, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) Janata Party president Subramaniam Swamy sees more than what meets the eye in the ‘clandestine’ meeting of Priyanka Vadhra with Nalini, who was part of the team that masterminded the assassination of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

Swamy, in a statement Thursday, also demanded that Priyanka must be prosecuted by the Tamilnadu Government for the criminal offence of trespass into a highly restricted prison in Vellore, since the jail officials have confirmed that she did not get the requisite permission to meet with the Supreme Court— convicted murder conspirator, Nalini.

Stating that the reason adduced by Priyanka wanting to meet Nalini is entirely bogus, Swamy said the latter was a low level worker who would not know the higher level participants in the conspiracy.

‘Priyanka is playing the fool with people’s sentiment in not disclosing the real reasons for the one-to-one meeting with Nalini. All reports in the media about their dialogue are second hand and third hand versions, and pure hearsay,’ he said.

Claiming that he was in the know of a message from Sonia Gandhi having reached LTTE supremo V Pirabhakaran, Swamy alleged that this may have been the real reason for Priyanka’s hush-hush illegal Vellore jail visit.

‘All the tear jerking stories put out in the media is therefore to be taken with a pinch of salt. The visit would have remained secret but for the LTTE directing Nalini’s advocate, who is also a member of a LTTE front organisation in Tamilnadu, to make it public.’
- Sri Lanka Guardian


Anonymous said...

Swami is getting jitters. If the cazse is reopened Bith samys will be targetted. This is the outcome of the interview given by Velusamy about Samy's involvement. Samy should be the first person to get arrested

Anonymous said...

Priyanka was sent to TN jail to find out whether Nalini knows about LTTE funding by Ottavio Quattrocchi and Sonia for the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi
Priyanka a born christian and married to a christian, made a show of going to a temple in TN to visit a terrorist in jail violating all rules of jails. This meeting has something more deep. Priyanka was sent to TN jail to find out whether Nalini knows about anything about the real killers of Rajiv Gandhi and who funded LTTE. It was because the French intelligence agencies say that they have evidence of Quttrochi was meeting LTTE in a Paris hotel and had funded the assassination. LTTE was smuggling antique objects from Chennai to Italy for Sonia Gandhi. Ottavio Quattrocchi arrived in India along with Sonia’s arrival to marry Rajiv Gandhi and stayed in India for decades till he escaped from Indian police with the help of Sonia. He came to India to Tamil Nadu. His cover was a chartered accountant in a Chennai- based Italian MNC. Gradually, he made his way into the corridors of power with the help of Sonia and became more active in the wake of Sanjay Gandhi's murder in a mafia organized air crash. Originally Quattrocchi, worked for a firm which provided services like designing, engineering, management of construction and training of personnel. He was the representative of an Italian company Snamprogetti, and had no experience of any guns, gun-systems or related equipment but became the Bofors middleman for Sonia. Quttrochi is so much linked to Sonia that she recently got the Bofors frozen money released using the law minister. Rajiv was talking about divorce immediately before he was assassinated. All these has something to do with the release being planned for Nalini and the next election in which Rahul the idiot rapist who is being projected as the PM candidate of congress party. Sonia has KGB background as well. KGB had deposited US $2 billion (Rs 9400 Crores) in a Swiss bank in 1985 in the minor accout of Rahul Gandhi, for Sonia as was reported in the Swiss mag.Schweitzer Illustrierte. The book Mitrochin Archives II says that Russian KGB promoted the marriagte of Sonia with Rajiv. The KGB, had bribed communists, Indira and family, ministers, 30 MPs,10 newspapers in India.
On Aug 1, 2002 Samata Party member brought up the issue of smuggling of artifacts by Sonia Gandhi and her family. This has never been a secret. There is an antique store called Ganapathi in Orbassano, Italy, Sonia's native place. The shop is owned by her relatives. Her smuggling activities began during Indira Gandhi's premiership. She never had education, but had herself certified as an art expert, which gave her the opportunity to certify Indian artifacts, which were museum pieces and which were not.. The Cultural Attache at the Italian Embassy and his wife were very close to Sonia. She used him him to smuggle artifacts via diplomatic courier bags which escaped customs inspection. On complaints from GOI, the Cultural Attache was later withdrawn by the Italy. The Italian Ambassador also didn't want someone like him on his staff. Antique smuggling and money laundering by Sonia with LTTE help was going on since 1984. Boyfriend Quattrocchi, wanted in Bofors, was buying arms from Phuket, Thailand for LTTE. Rajiv killing by LTTE if probed further by CBI-led MDMA, of Jain Commission would have revealed the conspiracy with LTTE in the assassination of Rajiv killing. Sonia systematically plundered and exported the ancient treasures of India, especially temple sculptures of Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh, Mughal paintings and precious gems in Indian Museums, all protected and banned from export under the Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, 1972 and this is one reason why she is putting Chawla as an EC and christians as IGs in various states. The CBI had in 1993 registered cases on such illegal exports from a Chennai suburb to an identified person in Italy. Festival of India was used as a ploy to smuggle out treasures. In this Sonia took the help Arjun Singh while he was MP, CM, art expert Martand Singh, a Pakistani couple Muneer and Farida Attaullah, London based Pakistani ISI fixer Salman Thassir a prince of Kuwait, and even the LTTE.

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